Every good wardrobe has a capsule collection of well-thought-out pieces that work for any season and with any outfit. A capsule wardrobe is made up of high-quality, versatile, and timeless outfit staples and accessories, all chosen to last.

Check any wardrobe capsule ‘must have’ list, and you will find a quality wool irish sweater listed in the top 10. Choosing a quality sweater means looking for a sweater that will last the test of time and look effortlessly stylish.  At the Aran Sweater Market, we have just the sweater - the Cowl Neck Sweater.

Why A Cowl Neck Sweater?

A cowl neck is a flattering draped neckline style used in women’s and men’s fashion. The shape is flattering as it sits loosely against the body and is less restrictive than a regular neck style. A cowl neck used on a women’s sweater adds a feminine and luxurious feel to any look. For those colder days and evenings, a cowl neck adds extra coziness. However, a cowl neck is not just for winter.

What To Look For In A Cowl Neck Sweater

1. Quality - The number one thing to look for in your capsule wardrobe cowl neck sweater is quality. The type of wool that your sweater is made from is a good indication of quality. Merino wool, for example, is high quality wool that is favored for its softness and ability to regulate body temperature. The latter makes this wool ideal for all seasons while Merino wool is also hard-wearing and easy to care for. 

2. Shape - A capsule wardrobe should still reflect your personal style. Choose a cowl neck sweater with a shape that flatters you in the way you like best. Look also for features that you love - For example, a cowl neck sweater with pockets or a Soft Patch Cowl Sweater with side slits for movement. 

You can choose one of two methods for your capsule cowl neck sweater when it comes to color. You can stick to neutral colors like Sea Foam green, Toasted Oat, or Classic Aran so you can coordinate any look. Alternatively, choose one neutral shade and one brighter shade in the same cowl neck style. This way, you will have a choice between using the versatile neutral or statement color, depending on your mood.

3. Care Instructions - Having quality clothes made from the best wool and fabrics means taking care of them. Always look at the care instructions when choosing your cowl neck sweater.  All of the Aran Sweater Market’s cowl neck sweaters are easy care. So easy, in fact that you will rarely have to wash them and will never have to dry-clean them. These 100% wool sweaters are made to last.

Cowl neck sweaters are a necessary addition to any woman or man’s wardrobe. They are timeless, hard-wearing, beautiful knitwear pieces that will stay with you for a long time. Update your wardrobe today with a beautiful cowl neck sweater made in Ireland.