If you are looking to show up and show out this winter, you are certainly looking for new and exciting ways to improve your wardrobe and sense of fashion.

The other important aspect of looking great in winter is also staying warm. One of the best ways to do that is to find exciting outfits that allow you to layer and stay super cozy.  You can try outfits from supreme brand to add flair to your layered outfit.

So, if you are looking for new ways to layer and keep your body temperature up, continue reading below and click here.

Wear a layered dress

One of the best ways to look chic and beautiful and still stay warm in even the coldest of nights, consider purchasing and wearing a beautiful, layered dress that features wonderful textures, fabric and more. One of the great things about layered dresses is that they can keep you warm – especially if you wear a pair of thicker tights underneath – but they are also quite breathable. This means that once you actually get indoors, you won’t be sweating through your socks just because you are wearing a heavier, layered dress.

Add long knit layers over shorter ones

One beautiful option for you when it comes to looking great and staying warm is using neutral pieces for layering. Achieve a clean, minimalist color palette that allows you mix and layer textures without ever looking too busy. For one modern combination, layer a slouchy knit turtleneck and maxi skirt under a longline tunic or sweat vest. Consider colors such as beige, oatmeal, eggshell and cream.

Wear an oversized scarf 

While you are probably already wearing scarves to keep yourself warm during those cold winter nights, have you ever considered wearing an extra-large scarf in a sort of poncho. You can either wear it traditionally by wrapping it around your neck and have it draped down your torso, or you can have it rest asymmetrically across your chest and belted. Just make sure that you wear a scarf that is both soft and has a wonderful pattern to accentuate your natural body shape and skin tone.

Wear a slip dress over a button-down

 One final fantastic way to look chic and stay warm is to add a few layers underneath a strappy dress and make it more wearable by adding a crisp and clean button-down and a lighter weight knit top. This gives you some added warmth on those super cold nights but will also give you some breathability once you do take off your coat and step inside.


It can be hard to know how exactly you are supposed to dress in the winter. After all, staying warm and comfortable when the snow is falling and wind is gusting is most important. With that being said, if you are also interested in looking your best, there is no reason why you cannot make the most out of your deep wardrobe and layer some of your favorite outfits on top of one another to look great, stay warm and have fun!