With the on-going world-wide pandemic, we are forced to stay at home for our own safety. Most of us are trying to adjust to the new normal, being isolated at home and having very little to no inspiration to express ourselves. This makes you realize how much of going outside we took for granted. Many of us feel more ourselves when we express ourselves through clothing or fashion. 

Due to the isolation that this has brought us, we are stuck with wearing the same old house clothes. Some of which may be comfy, but not as stylish as picking an outfit to go outside. It can be difficult for us, someone with the passion for fashion to be stuck at home. Because fashion isn’t just what it is. It’s more than that. It’s a culture, it’s a lifestyle. 

The upside of being stuck at home is that we have so much more time to do whatever we want. Although we are adjusting to a work-from-home set up, we have so much more time in our hands than we thought. Yes, isolation can be bad for our mental health and it’s true that you  don’t need to force yourself to do anything in this pandemic. But what better way to choose our time wisely than to focus on what we’re passionate about? 

Many have a passion for fashion. It’s an exciting thing. Fashion isn’t just about the clothing. It’s a part of history, a mixture of different cultures, and a huge influence to generations and generations of the youth. Luckily, fashion has become more accessible  now that technology is advanced. Shopping and watching in just a click of a button, how convenient is that?

Fashion is everywhere, and it is definitely online. From stores and boutiques, to tv shows, documentaries or fashion shows all accessible on the internet. This is to say that we as consumers have no excuse from doing what we absolutely love. Since everything has come to a halt, the opening of Fashion Week has publicly been inaccessible. Designers and brands have decided to showcase their designs online via live stream. Many designers film their runways and showcase it on tv, but most have moved to the internet, as more and more people have access to online streaming. 

Because of the accessibility of fashion week, not only has it become a form of entertainment for the rich and famous, but it is also for the outsiders, those who have a passion for the artistry of clothing. 

The entertainment industry has taken over fashion. TV shows like fashion competitions, drag shows, reality shows that make commentaries on celebrity fashion, the entertainment business is not only making it accessible to everyone, but it also has greatly influenced pop culture. It is not a joke that many high fashion brands are extremely expensive. Although it may be accessible through online and tv, buying these designer clothes are impossible and the production is scarce too. Which is why online shopping has become a great form of entertainment, especially now that a pandemic has come to arise. 

It is not only convenient but online stores like many fast fashion brands have produced clothing inspired from the runway. Many who cannot afford designers now have a chance to showcase their passion. The convenience and the affordability of a fashion boutique online has given people a chance to not only strut their style but also to start trends without being a designer. All it takes is a little inspiration and motivation from content produced by the media.