Establishing a successful fashion and beauty YouTube channel means that you always have to come up with new and creative content. No matter how tiring this process is, it is the only way to get videos with the most likes on YouTube. In this list, you will find some video ideas, specifically for your fashion and beauty YouTube channel.  

01. Feature a Shopping Haul

Shopping hauls always get the most likes on YouTube. As a fashion and beauty YouTuber, you can show to your viewers the items you’ve purchased. This way, you will recommend them key pieces of clothing for the current season, and which beauty products are currently the most popular.

02. Give a Tour of your Wardrobe

Having a fashion channel means that you are passionate about clothing and fashion. Your viewers are interested in your style and they will appreciate it if you give them a tour of your wardrobe. In a video like this, you can showcase your favorite items and also tell some personal stories. It is a good way to reveal yourself to your audience.

03. Provide Outfits for Various Occasions

One of the main goals of your channel is to give fashion and beauty tips. Instead of just talking to the camera, you can create themed content. In a video like this, you will set an occasion to yourself and dress accordingly. In the process, you can give extra tips and alternatives so that your viewers can replicate your look. 

04. Highlight your Favorite Products

Another good idea for a video in a beauty YouTube channel is to showcase your favorite product. As a person who knows about makeup and beauty, you will give insights into the products you are using and their results. Don’t hesitate to mention your favorite brands. If your videos get the most likes on YouTube, you might also get a sponsorship.

05. Create DIY Clothing Projects

You don’t have to be a designer to create a project like this. Your viewers are interested in learning how to create something they create by themselves. You can even create a project, where you reuse old pieces of clothing and make something useful out of it.  

06. Collaborate with a Local Brand

If you want to grow your audience, the collaboration with some local brands is essential. You can visit their store and show their products. You can try them and describe how they feel on your skin. Moreover, you can organize a giveaway. Approaching local brands will be mutually beneficial and you will get many new subscribers. 

07. Show your Beauty Routine

A thing that concerns many viewers is to find the perfect beauty routine. Therefore, you should create a video like this for your beauty channel. You can either do your morning or your night beauty routine. Show on camera how exactly you are doing it, the products you are using, and how you apply them.  

These ideas for fashion and beauty videos will get you the most likes on YouTube. Get ready for a successful channel with a dedicated audience.