It is always a kind of knowledge to select and preserve a PU handbag. While owning your beloved handbags as the daily necessity, you might still be lack of ideas to choose, purchase, and to keep ones. This article might be helpful guidance for you on such knowledge about PU handbags.

What is PU?

PU is a kind of polyurethane, a variety of artificial synthetic material with the texture of leather. It's sturdy and durable, different from the artificial leather. From the aspect of structure, it is closer to the leather fabric. It can achieve a soft effect without plasticizer. It will not be hard or brittle when being used in winter. PU bags have vibrant colors, various patterns, low prices, and extended use time. Therefore, we often see PU bags on the street.

There are four benefits of using PU bags:

1. It is light, environmental-friendly, elastic, soft, and smooth. What's more, the material is breathable and water permeable as well as rain-proof.
2. When being used in winter, it will not harden or deform due to the low temperature, nor would it fade or age under intense light. The color will not get out of fashion quickly.
3. Its material is flexible and wear-resistant, with long service life and low price. Its appearance and performance are close to those of natural leather. Thus it is easy to take care of and maintain.
4. The surface of the bag is smooth and compact, which can be treated and dyed with bright colors and various styles.

How could you maintain the PU bags?

1. Generally speaking, we would first use the cleaning products or clean cotton cloth suitable for different materials to remove dust and dirt.
2. If the PU bag is wiped with detergent, the wiping cloth is a cheap and easy-to-use helper. It will not scratch your favorite bag, and even the application can restore the luster of the bag.
3. A gray-white pencil and a dual-purpose pen eraser at both ends can be used as a cleaning tool for bags. If it is slightly dirty, it can be gently wiped off with a white eraser for general pencil wiping; if it is severely polluted, it can be removed with a gray eraser for pen wiping. The reason is that friction is reliable, but it should be lighter to start so as not to damage the bags.
4. No matter what kind of bag, it should be put in the ventilated place to dry in the shade after cleaning. Remember not to take it under the sun for the sake of speed, because some bags will be washed with water, which is the most vulnerable time. The sudden high-temperature irradiation will cause the bag to fade or the leather to become hard, brittle, and crack.
5. At present, there are different materials for each kind of bag, such as cloth with PU, leather body, etc., which should be treated separately when cleaning. Also, if there are rivet decorations or metal clasps and other hardware accessories on the bag, the metal cleaning agent must be used to maintain the bag carefully, instead of wiping with water. Otherwise, the best hardware will rust in a short time, do not let the metal part sub rusting destroys the overall beauty of the bag and reduces your taste.
6. As long as you buy a slightly better bag, it is usually equipped with a dustproof packing bag. For example, if you don't use this bag for some time, please put the waste paper and other items into the bag first, and then wrap it with a dustproof bag. Try not to fold or press it slowly, otherwise, there will be creases or wrinkles, which will affect the beauty.

Now you could be an expert yourself to preserve your PU bags. You may now feel free to choose any PU lady handbags as you like since you could maintain it well, adding to its value. BangQi is an expert in manufacturing the PU handbags. They are adept at making the wholesale PU handbags and have shared a high reputation from home and abroad. 

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