It is the digital age and if you do not make the most of modern technology, you might be missing a lot of fun. Now there is the rising new trend of sending personalized messages and memories to loved ones in the form of a smart locket. This is definitely something everyone must buy for 2020. Whether you are a son or daughter sending it to your mom, a boyfriend sending it to his lover, a girlfriend sending it to her lover, or if you need a graduation gift for your daughter from a father, or a husband sending it to his wife, these lockets are the best gift ever.

What is Special about the Locket?

First, the technology used in making these lockets is what is special. The lockets have AI in them that works with the app you have to download from the Play Store into your phone. You can then add a memorable picture onto the app and when your loved one scans the pendant on their downloaded app on their phone, it shows them the personal lovable memory you sent to them. 

This locket can cheer up your loved one within no time. It can be the best way to tell them that you are a pendant away and always thinking about them. It can be the most emotional and loving way to tell people you love them. For couples who love to surprise each other every day, this small gesture can make a lot of difference. 

Secondly, there are pendants and gemstones collections. You can pick either of the two types and be sure that they look amazing. One unique way of making sure your loved one thinks about is matching the pendant or gemstone to the color of your eye. Whenever they look at it, they would inevitably think about you and want to check what personal message the pendant has for them.

Thirdly, at Evermee, you will always get the pendant in original and pure gold or silver. The makers of these lockets do not use artificial materials to make the lockets because the makers believe in making them worth it and for a lifetime. After all, lockets are supposed to be close to the heart and therefore, they should be valuable and long-lasting. This way the makers can guarantee that they will not fade, rust, or spoil for as long as possible.

 Handcrafted to Perfection

When it comes to lockets, they must look perfect in shape. Although it is the age of technology, handmade jewelry is unbeatable and remains the best in terms of designs, originality, and quality. The experts spend time and patiently create your lockets exactly as you want them to be. You have the option to customize them yourself. Here is how this works. 

Simple to use

You do not have to worry about any complexity. Using the pendant to share memories is very easy. With the simple click, download the app on your android or iOS mobile device. Connect it to the pendant, and start uploading amazing personalized messages for your loved one. All they have to do is download the app and scan the pendant on their mobile device and it will show them what you sent. It is as easy as that!

How to Create Your Own Smart Locket

When you visit the Evermee website, go to the “Create Your Own Locket” page. There are options in the design types available. You can simply choose the option you want and then head to selecting the color of the pendant of a gemstone. 

Full Moon Silver
Full Moon Gold Vermeil
Half Moon Silver
Half Moon Gold Vermeil

After selecting the pendant type, here are the options you have to choose the color of the gemstone:

Black Pearl
White Howlite
Blue Lapis Lazuli
Pink Opal
Red Jasper
Green Malachite
Mother of Pearls

You can choose the number of pendants you would like to order. Once you complete customizing your order, you can head to the payment and checkout. The delivery service is free in the US. There is a money-back guarantee on returned items if the locket has any manufacturing flaws. However, it is worth mentioning that there has hardly ever been such an incidence where there had to be a return. 


These lockets give you the option of gifting your loved ones something made of pure gold and at the most affordable rates. Starting from as low as $49.99 you can get these awesome gifts at your doorstep. Why spend more on other gifts when you can give them something chic and new. 

Additional Benefits These Lockets Offer

The most important benefit of the locket is that it saves you from worrying about what gift to send to anyone. It can be the best graduation gift for your daughter from a father or mother, whether it is graduation from high school or college or university. Here are some interesting things you need to know:

If you choose the Opal gemstone, people believe that it brings purification and fortune. If you present it to someone, you might be changing his or her life for the better.
The Opal gemstone brings emotional balance. This can help people with insomnia and anxiety issues.
Pearls help people suffering from indecisiveness, instability, and depression by bringing them confidence and peace. This could be the best graduation gift for your daughter.
Howlite has healing properties and helps people with certain zodiacs. For example, a Gemini person should wear these to cure anxiety, insomnia, to get knowledge, for more patience, and calmness.
The Lapis Lazuli is a symbol of honor, power, gods, and royalty. It gives you better spiritual calmness and vision. For many, it is a symbol of truth and wisdom and can turn the person's luck around. This could be the best gift for the love of your life.
The jasper gemstone stimulates endurance and stamina steadily. It increases the positive aura around someone. Moreover, it brings health, courage, and the passion to face difficulties and unjust situations in life. 
Turquoise also has amazing properties that harmonize one's life. It reduces tension, nervousness, stress, and increases calmness and serenity. It protects from bad omens and negative energy. 
Malachite is good for stimulating the heart and cleanses the body. Many call it the "stone of transformation." It cleanses the body from impurities like pollutants, negative energies, and activates the chakras that lead to spiritual guidance.  This could be a great gift idea for your aging mom.

Why not start 2020 with these amazing smart lockets as gift ideas for your loved ones. Order your pendant today!