The hoodie is a cool long sleeve shirt with a hood that you can wear for a casual outing. It is usually heavier than a t-shirt due to being made from thicker fabric materials. The hood brings to mind of early century clothes like a hooded cape. 

In those days, people wear capes to cover their heads and hide their identities nowadays, everywhere you go, and you can see people wearing hoodies just for fun. Get more details at

The following are 7 advantages of wearing hoodies.
Everyone Can Wear It

Young people that are less serious like to wear hoodies to school. They are a fashion for the black Americans who like to fix their hair into different funny hairstyles. They also like to wear hoodies that are printed with their favorite phrases. You don't have to be a teenager to wear hoodies as it can be worn by people of all ages. It can be stressed to wear formal clothing like office shirt and coat and office pants every day. Instead, relax yourself a bit by wearing jeans and hoodies when you have time to stroll along the street.
Can Be a Backup Raincoat

Hoodies have a hood that can cover your head. Even though it is made from fabric, it is thick enough to prevent your head from getting drenched when it is raining. It can work as a backup raincoat when you didn't bring an umbrella or raincoat with you. You can also cover your head with a hood when the sun is hot. It will protect your head from getting exposed to the ultraviolet ray of the sun. No one will find you weird for covering your head with the hood. People are used to seeing passerby's wearing a sweatshirt with their heads being covered by the hoods.
Help You to Burn Extra Calories

Wearing sweatshirt hoodies to workout can help you to sweat more and burn extra calories. The sweatshirt is thick so you are going feel hot when you wear it on a sunny day. When your body temperature increases, the blood circulation and heart rate will also improve. Sweatshirt hoodies can also make you sweat especially when you are doing physical activities or under the hot sun.
Work in Layering Your Clothes in winter 

Hoodies are ideal for keeping you warm in wet weather such as snow or rainy weather. You can wear hoodies over your t-shirt to keep warm during winter. Quality hoodies will dry fast when it gets wet so no need to worry that it will get mold growth if you didn't wash and hang it on the clothesline promptly.
Use as Fleece Blanket

You can use your hoodies as a blanket for your legs when it is cold. No need to spend money to buy fleece blanket. Just your hoodies will work fine in offering warmth to your body when in cold temperature. It can even be used as a temporary backup blanket when you have no blanket to cover yourself. For example, you are taking a long-distance bus to a destination. The ticket you buy requires you to ride on the bus for more than 1 day. At night, you can stretch out yourself on the bus armchair and use your sweater hoodies to cover yourself.
Can Be Your Training Tracksuit

Sweatshirt hoodies can also be your training tracksuit. When you want to go to the gym, just change your clothes into the sweatshirt hoodies and you are ready to workout. You can buy the zippered sweater jacket with a hood. When exercising, simply unzip the center zipper to halfway down. In this way, the air can enter and your sweat will quickly dry up. They look pretty stylish when you are wearing it for jogging or working out at the gym.
Help You to Sweat 

Sweatshirt hoodies are hot and you will keep sweating when you are wearing it. No need to go to the gym and you will still be able to sweat a lot by simply walking under the sun. Sweating can get rid of the poisonous buildups that have accumulated in the body. It can also relieve you of some stress when you are feeling upset and angry. The sweatshirt will only cause you to sweat just enough for cooling down the body. It will not cause you to sweat too much as when you exercise excessively at the gym.