The French braid which is also known as African braids or French plait is a style of braiding hair that is said to have originated in North Africa. It is a three-part style plait that involves twisting three partitioned sections of your hair into one starting from the crown of your head to your neck region.

There are many variations of the french braid including the Dutch braid and the fishtail braid. Braiding is a very popular style among ladies because it is fairly easy to make and maintain. Most times you do not need any hair extensions to pull it off but you can always add extensions if you feel inclined to do so and give your hair a fuller look after braiding.

There are many guides on the internet that show you how to make french braids. In this guide, in addition to showing you how to make French braids, I would also be telling you how to maintain them, some tips and tricks and other information that you might need concerning French braids.

A step by step guide to your perfect French braids.

To make French braids, you need to first make sure your hair has gone through all the necessary preparations including washing. It is not advisable to braid while your hair is dirty because while your hair is braided, you won't be able to do much to it without loosening your hair.

Step1. Brush your hair to make sure it is straight and ready for braiding. Ensuring your hair is straight is an important process and shouldn't be skipped.

Step2. Spray your hair with a bit of water and make sure your hair is damp all over. This would help with getting a smoother braid.

Step3. Pick a decent amount of hair from the top of your head like you would if you wanted to start a regular braid.

Step4. Divide the hair in your hands into three separate sections: Right, Left and middle sections. Hold on to all three sections after the partition because you'll need them to make the braid.

Step5. Now cross the right section over the middle one and add extra hair from the sides while you do so. Next, cross the left section over the middle one while also adding extra hair from the sides. After the crossing of both sections, pull the hair tight.

Step6. Repeat the above step continuously till you get to the end of your hair. If done properly you should have a net and clean twist all the way down to your beck.

Step7. Use an elastic band to secure the edges of your finished braid so that it stays securely in place. This is to ensure that your braids do not begin to loosen from the edges after a couple of days.

If you follow these steps you should have a beautiful braid by the time you're reading this part of the guide. In the next section, I would be letting you know some tips and tricks which would help you get the best out of your braids.

Braid tips and hacks.

To get that perfect braid that you would love, it is important to note that these tips are just guidelines and not hard and fast rules. They are there to help you get the best from your braids. In essence, they may not be set in stone rules but it is in your best interest to adhere to them.

Make sure to braid your hair while it is damp or slightly wet. Braiding while your hair is soft or damp would enable you to get a smoother braid. As opposed to dry strands of hair which would be harder to use to make neat braids.

Make sure you use a silk headscarf or pillowcase while sleeping. Silk is great for natural hair and using it would help you manage your braids properly and allow you to have them on for longer.

If your hair isn't full enough you can buy hair extensions from umihair or shop to give it volume. The fuller your hair before French braiding the better the braids would look.

You could add colourful hair to your hair to spice up your braids. Having a blend of colours gives your braids a unique look. Adding a dash of red or green to your braids would definitely bring its beauty out.

Before you braid, make sure to mist your hair. This would ensure no layered pieces fall off while you braid. Preventing these pieces from falling off is important in making sure you get the perfect French braids.

Making your braids tight is key to ensuring it doesn't fall out after a week. Always make your braids tight enough so they last for longer periods.

If you are a heavy user of hair products, it is advisable to cut down on product use while in the braid is on. Using products on your braid increases the chances of your braids not lasting long because applying products means you would be actively disturbing your braids.

With these tips in your bag, I'm sure you have all you need to maintain your braids for as long as you want. These tips would help you have beautiful looking braids all the while you have them on.


French braids are a versatile way to manage your hair. They are easy to make and maintain. There are different variations of the French braid each with their own distinguishing factors. Following our guidelines listed above will allow you to maximize the potential of your french braids.

Making French braids gets easier with practice. If you have never tried your hands at braiding before you should know that practice makes perfect. If you follow our step by step process you should become quite decent after a few tries.

French braids are quite easy to make and are also a really cost-effective way to carry your hair especially for long periods of time. So whether you choose to use just your hair or you add colourful extensions to make it pop, braids are an excellent way to keep and manage your hair.