One of 2019's fave fashion mantras was "New Year, New Denim," and we made the most of it. As for upcoming spring trends, denim is just the beginning.

Fashion prophecies predict bigger and bolder choices with fabrics of every color and thickness. Where we once saw soft blues with dainty florals, we'll see splashes of power colors like red.

With the right inspiration, you won't be afraid to go against style expectations. Take your textiles to the next level with our latest fashion insights!

Lighter and Brighter

If someone tells you to lighten up, don't take it personally. They probably just mean your textiles. Spring 2020 design trends are breathing life back into style.

Nothing combats a long, dreary winter-like bright, eye-dazzling bursts of color! Light colors will soften the overall look and give it that fresh spring feeling. Incorporate at least one color from nature in your daytime look.

Patterns are destined to leave a lasting impression among trend fabrics! Brighten up your favorite organic tones (like greens and reds) for a post-vacay feel.

Draw From Your Environment

Whether you're inspired by the underground, European luxe, or the spots on a leopard from your travels abroad, draw from the world around you. Don't be afraid to let your classic floral hues bleed into your aesthetic.

Let the outdoors inspire you, too! The weather can go from extreme to calm in a snap during the spring. Likewise, your style and mood should be able to shift throughout the day.

Play with that shade of pale light that peeks through after a storm. Use misty-looking fabrics over bold greens to hint at giant leaves holding rainwater. 

Translucent Layers

If you are into layering, you can see right through these 2020 design trends! Gauze is a great way to peek past cute outerwear without having to lose layers.

You can show off those dress sleeves under a see-through jacket on the subway, or use translucent material to make your evening look more work-friendly!

Translucent material allows you to play with more colors and textures, giving your look a more nuanced personality. And our favorite fashionistas have a lot of personality to show off!

Soft and Fringey

Spring is all about bringing feeling to life. This year, the feeling comes through in style that is as soft as it is bold!

Shimmering yarn and simmering accents will let you play with light as the fabric moves. Light textures and gauze sing of a midsummer night's dream.

Bring the dream to life ahead of schedule with pale fringe and thin, touchable clothing. Wholesale fabric can make your dream fabric pairing a reality. You'll want to have some extra material on hand when your friends start making requests, too!

All About Contrast

Contrasting fabrics are true spring fabrics. Contrast can come through layering textile materials, not just colors!

Reflective fabrics have a lot of energy, allowing for less busy patterns and more of a hands-on style. Jeans invite unique texture combos with a stable feel.

That thin gauze we talked about earlier? This is a great choice for people wanting to show off their spots or stripes underneath!

Setting the Tone for Spring Trends

The world may not see 2020 design trends coming, but you will enjoy unveiling each daring look. The artistic blends of color and textiles tell everything with one look. The contrast in layers says you may love a lot of things, but you can still rock a unified look.

Most importantly, these spring trends pave the way for style that can be both playful and visionary. For more tips on realizing your spring vision, check out the rest of our blog. Surprise is your friend this year, so get sewing!