Once a streetwear garment is created it takes on a life of its own, it begins with the original buyer snagging one the day it dropped, seconds before they sold out. It becomes a statement piece then a collector’sitem before being resold to the next streetwear fanatic who is eagerly hunting for the prized deadstock. This garment, if correctly looked after, will still look like it did on release day, just the piece to go with those box fresh Jordan 4’s.

This very nature if streetwear fashion is why your garment choice is absolutely critical, you need something high quality, that feels good, holds the design well and most importantly, is long lasting.

From its roots in punk and skateboarding, to Japanese street fashion, streetwear has something for everyone, that’s why we put together this list of the best brans for streetwear garments.


Everlane are a company with an ethical heart. All factories used to manufacture their garments are ethical and they offer full transparency on labour, materials and transportation. This brand is great if the being kind to the planet is on your agenda. These guys definitely talk a big game, and they sure live up to it too!


Gildan have been offering a range of casualwear garments since the mid 80’s, confirming these guys know what they are doing when it comes to creating blank clothing. You will find a range a variety of products available, in different cotton weightings and finishes, perfect for keeping up with the fast pace of streetwear fashion trends. You can buy your blank Gildan clothing from Banana Moon Clothing who also offer personalisation services. Gildan are also working hard to be more environmentally friendly doing their part to reduce the carbon footprint.


With over 142 styles on offer from Stanley/Stella you will be in safe hands when it comes to the garments for next seasons drop. 5 eco certifications ensures we are putting the future of the planet first. Noted for their durability and quality these garments will hold their shape and ensure perfection right into the resale market.


Anvil focus on the unique nature of the industry helping individuals express themselves by offering a wide range of fits and styles, in a variety of cotton weightings, making them suitable for long lasting print or embroidery processes. Well known for their hoodies and long-sleeved tee’s these guys can offer you the full package for your streetwear blank needs.

American Apparel

Well known for their high street brand American Apparel and revered for their blanks. Everyone knows the high quality produced by American Apparel so by opting for these garments you too can ensure your brand is creating high quality garments that will stay looking fresh for years to come.