Denim jacket men: it is classic, timeless and can be combined with everything. The denim jacket is the must-wear of recent years, the supreme garment to be worn from spring to autumn with any type of outfit and that comes to our aid whenever, even with the full wardrobe, the idea of “not having nothing to wear” reigns in our heads.

Resistant and indestructible, the denim jacket plays a decisively important role in the history of the style and began to be popular in the 1960s, although at the time only mechanics wore it. 

After the hippie turn of the '70s, in the following decade it was the uniform of the paninari and, alternating with the leather jacket, the punk one, but we have to wait for the 90s and Ralph Lauren to see our classic denim jacket appear all decorated with jewels and turquoises: in that moment, denim jacket goes up on the catwalks for the first time.

The revenge of the denim jacket

Since the 1990s, the vicissitudes of this garment have been alternate and appeared and disappeared several times in fashion shows, while remaining well established within our closets. 

In the last few  years, denim jacket has come back into vogue and anyone who wants to be fashionable or simply not looking like a Mars inhabitant must have (at least) one!

Denim jacket: how to fit it with your outfit

How should a denim jacket men fit?: you can match your denim jacket in many ways.

1st outfit

Combine a denim jacket with dark blue ripped skinny jeans for a feeling of simplicity and carefree. Moreover, wear a pair of low gray canvas sneakers to give a touch of class to your look.

2nd outfit 

Choose a denim jacket and black jeans for a comfortable but carefully designed outfit. Then, fit a pair of black leather chelsea boots to add a touch of class to your look.

3rd outfit

Dress in a denim jacket and olive green camouflage cargo pants for a fantastic weekend look.

4th outfit

Go for a classic denim jacket and black slim jeans. Put on a pair of black leather casual boots to show off your taste for high-fashion shoes.

5th outfit

A denim jacket and olive green chino pants that suit all kinds of weekend activities. Put on a pair of moccasins with black leather tassels to give a classic touch to the outfit.

6th outfit

Dress in a white denim jacket and white chino pants for a carefree and fashionable look.

7th outfit

Dress in a denim jacket and light blue ripped jeans for a relaxed but stylish outfit. Try a pair of white and black printed low top sneakers. 

8th outfit

You could wear a gray plaid denim and chino jacket for a carefree and fashionable look. For a more relaxed look, wear a pair of black and white canvas high-top sneakers.

9th outfit

Choose a red and black plaid denim and chino jacket for a weekend lunch with friends. For footwear, choose the classic style with a pair of black leather casual boots.

10th outfit