Did you begin your quest for the perfect brooch because of the latest trend?
 Or, have you always had an eye for these vintage pieces? 

It doesn’t matter if you’re a trendsetter or a brooch collector. The truth is that brooches are back and they are bigger than ever before. The inception of this trend can be traced back to the era of kings and queens.

That means that the latest boom in brooch trends can be linked to the Duchess of Cambridge’s fascination with the accessory itself. Or someone used their grandmother’s closet as their muse for the Spring/Summer 19 collection.  

Who knows? The verdict is still out on this one!

However, we do know that brooches fall into the category of nifty accessories.  That’s because a beautiful brooch pinned to your ensemble can go a long way. The right brooch can add a touch of class and sophistication to your casual look.  On the other hand, a quirky piece can add an element of eccentricity to your style. Thus, we believe that brooches are actually pretty versatile in nature. 

That’s why we’ve gathered a list of must-have brooches for your collection. They range from the regular pearls, rhinestones, floral trinkets to something more customized.

Let’s take a look:

1.  Bringing Back the Vintage Classics

Going to grandma’s place for afternoon tea? Attending a socialite event?

Pearls, diamonds and emeralds are a few brooch embellishments that are kind of the staples of the high society life. They are the perfect balance of fancy and chic. This is why we consider them as the go-to-piece for your next extravagant bash.

How to wear them? You can pin them on your gown or use them as a hair accessory. The latest fashion trends recommend styling them with belts or using a cluster of brooches to add more drama. 

2.  Flower Power 

Want something more festive and colorful?

Then you should buy rhinestone brooches that come in floral designs. These sparkly accessories don’t look amiss in a prom dress or a bridal look. Unlike the vintage pieces, the flowers and buds have more color to it. This contrasts nicely with your dress and adds an extra element to your monochromatic ensembles. Plus, the floral designs are also a great way to add a feminine touch to your power suits.

How to style them? Pin them to your scarves, the belt of your gown or use them in place of buttons. You can also replace pendants with the shiny brooches to revamp a plain necklace.

3.  Wild Side 

Are you ready to play with something bolder?

Long gone are the days when brooches were just gemstones and designs. At present, there is more demand for animal shaped brooches than any other variety on the list. There are various factors that play into this trend. The first one is the princess like appreciation of butterflies, birds and any cute creature in the forest. 

However, there are many fashion enthusiasts who step away from the norm and pick something more eccentric. For example, the desire to pin up the face of a lion, a slithering serpent or eagle has to do with the Harry Potter fan brigade. On the contrary, people who like styling their outfits with brooches that have skulls and bones on them―to embrace the ‘I am a rebel’ vibe.

How to style them? Style files reveal that other than the standard styling option i.e. pinned on a dress―brooches can also be attached to your bags/clutches.  

4.  Personalized Pins

Are you on the lookout for something extra special?

Brooches are often considered as a good option for floral themed gift items for someone you love. You can add to this gift by incorporating personal details now. Most custom-made brooches include names, wishes or sweet quotes on them. Then there are the handmade enamel pins that can be designed in any way you want.

This gives you a chance to order a one of a kind piece that’s shaped like a cosmetic kit, your favorite animated character or even a real-life person. The possibilities are endless here and that’s exactly why this type of brooch is rising on the popularity scale.

 How to style them? The customization element means that you can style these brooches in various ways. From pinning them on scarves, jackets and dresses to showing them off on a hat, bag or headband―there are lots of ways to use a customized brooch.

It’s a Wrap 

In a nutshell, the accessory market is filled with beautiful brooches that come in all shapes and styles. From pearls, floral designs, quirky statement pieces to something more customized―a box full of brooches presents itself as a stylist’s dream accessory. That’s because it can be paired off with anything ranging from a casual summer dress to a fancy ball gown.

The great part is that brooches can be taken out of the closet only on special occasions. Or, you can include them as your trademark accessory for everyday looks.

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