Winter is coming soon, so some of you are already thinking about getting a new coat or something warm. Why not a fur coat? A fur coat is a dream in every woman's life, something that should be not only warm and beautiful but also of high quality. 

As such, choosing a fur coat can be a challenging process, especially when you first start looking for such a precious piece of clothing. Long or short, a fashionable or classic model discover how to make the best decision with Elpidio Loffredo fur coats. 

The choice of the Right Fur

When it comes to furs, the most diverse models come to mind. For several years, furs have been a bit abandoned. They are seen as something too much tied to the eighties and nineties. Nothing could be more wrong: today, this garment is back in fashion, and it dominates the runways, the boutiques and the streets.

They are beloved and desired, and the furs that are in fashion this year have precise characteristics. Among the so-called winter coats, we find the long fur coat. This is by far one of the biggest trends of the season. Extreme length, almost to the ankles, retro cut: a real gem for everyone who loves vintage.

Also, short fur is very fashionable. It is a very minimal and concise piece of fur, that doesn't cover much but is exceptionally trendy. Among the novelties of this year, then, there are also short sleeves furs. Usually, these are made of mink or lynx furs. Very trendy, precisely because in the past they have never been cleared through customs.

Always Pay Attention to the Quality of Materials

Everyone one though has its priorities. However, some focus on the product style and fashion trends, while for other people the fundamental factor is the quality and the country in which the fur is produced. When choosing a high-quality, long-lasting coat, you need to see the durability of the fur and also its quality. Do you want a coat that lasts many seasons? One of the longest wearing, around 20 winters, is otter fur. It will keep its style in a perfect way and this for two decades. Raccoon, mink and sable fur will resist for as many as ten seasons; then we have fox fur, muskrat, sheepskin, fox and Persian lamb. The lightest coats are those of chinchilla, marmots and rabbits. In the fur landscape, Elpidio Loffredo offers excellent quality materials, a wide range of fur types and the guarantee of the Made in Italy.  Check the website to discover all the fur coats available.  

A Tip for Wearing Your Fur in the Best Possible Way? 

If you want to make everything a bit more rock, wear a rather remarkable fur, with skinny jeans and amphibians: a unique and fashionable result.

Those who love more classic outfits, on the other hand, can still wear fur as a shoulder garment to embellish sheath dresses. You can also wear fur as work suits, which is more formal. Another advice is to take another look at the fashions of the eighties and nineties that have come back into fashion and not only concerning furs

Following these small but handy tips, you can go and choose your style and your garment, to be in step with the times and never out of context. With a fur, you can be sure of having the right outfit to show off at any time.