Rompers are a classic fashion statement for the summers. In the past, rompers were only limited to young kids, beaches, and pool parties, but now they have become a fashion sensation as more and more women are intimated by its style. This stylish summer clothing is extra light in weight, and ideal for girls who do not want to spend hours standing in front of the mirror trying to look their best. All you have to do is wear this one piece, accessorize it with few other things, and you are ready to step out!

One of the best things about jumpsuits and romper dresses is that they are timesaving and are a great alternative for the cliché dresses. Because it’s a one piece cover-up, it saves you from the hassle of looking for tops and bottoms to match together. Whether you are going out during the day or at night, whether it’s a date or a causal night out with girls, you can wear a romper anywhere you go. All you need is the right fitting, some beautiful accessories, and just the right confidence. If you are looking for an outfit that is smart, chic, and sophisticated all at once, then a romper is what you need. You’ll find a variety of romper designs in-stores and online — available for all shapes and sizes. 

Here are few tips that can help you rock a romper dress:

Find the Perfect Fit and Style

The most important thing when choosing the right romper for you, is to look for the one that has the right fitting and style. Different women have different body shapes, some are heavy on top or bottom, and some have an hourglass shape, some have a pear or apple shape. To know which romper style is best for you, look for the one that fits perfectly from both the top and shorts. 

If you have a petite physique, then always go for fitted pieces as oversize rompers can make your body shape look bad. Similarly, if you are tall, then look for options that come in extended sizes and avoid dropped crotch or ineluctable wedgie. In other clothes you might be able to pull off one size for all, but when it comes to rompers, it’s quite different. So, look for something that works best for your body shape.  

Choose Your Type

Denim rompers make up for a great outfit for a casual day out, but if you want to wear a romper to a formal gathering then we suggest you go for something in details and luxe fabrics. Knowing what occasion you plan to buy the romper for, plays an important role, because for casual outings you can pick up any plain and simple piece, and accessorize it accordingly, but when it comes to formal events you need to ditch that look and opt for something in dressy fabrics like satin or silk. These fabrics make up for a sophisticated and classy outfit. To make it even better, choose something in dark and bold colors, lace trim, or long sleeves. Once you know the occasion you need to dress up for, selecting the type of romper becomes a lot easy for you.

Choose between Long or Incognito

If you thought jumpsuits and romper dresses only come in one style, which is the basic short one piece, then you are wrong. You’ll find a lot more variety of stylish rompers. If you are not looking for something short then look for rompers with cropped-pants, these are both summery and not so revealing either. 

Long rompers are basically jumpsuits, as they both are a one-piece cover-up. If you do not feel comfortable in an overall, then look for an incognito romper. These have a faux-wrap front which looks like a mini dress, and you separately get to wear shorts. So you get to give the illusion of wearing a one piece romper dress, while not actually wearing one. 

Accessorize with Your Favorite Things

You can wear the same romper during the day and night, all you have to do is accessorize with maybe a gorgeous blazer, classy jewelry, perfect pair of shoes, or neutral color clothing pieces. For a casual day out, you can wear your romper with a cute pair of summer sandals or sneakers, and if you wish to make the look semi-formal you can add bold jewelry. For events in the evening, sparkle up your look by wearing a romper with lace or sequins or pair it up with stylish stiletto heels. Experiment different looks of your romper by pairing it up with different colors and accessories. This will help you make use of one romper on so many different occasions!

Many women are seen wearing rompers these days. They are in fashion and are perfect for summer. However, there are many ways you can style them and look perfect for your hot date!