Shoes and women are a never-ending love story, isn’t it? German ladies are well known in the world for their ultimate fashion sense. From sport type shoe to casual or home-wear, they wear have a variety of stylish shoes for every place. They have a perfect sense to make the right choice of shoes that fits best with their outfit and personality. Even if you’re not a German resident you can Schuhe kaufen online, without any difficulty.


Below listed are some very common types of German fashion shoes, you can Schuhe kaufen online. 


These are known as clogs in English. They are the most Schuhe kaufen in Germany, as they are women’s favorite. These shoes have closed heads and open backs most of the time. Originally these shoes had wooden soles but with the passage of time, it changed. The endings or boundary of the whole shoe is upturned. They are perfect to be wear in the winters, but German ladies use der Holzschuh all around the year. You can easily Schuhe kaufen online in a variety of styles.


Sandalen means sandals in English. Not only at home, when you are at work you need some very comfortable shoes, so you can walk around smoothly and painlessly. Sandals are open footwear in which a strap goes from behind the toe to provide grip. They are idealized for the summer season as most part of the foot is left open. They are also used for going shopping or for casual wear. However, some of the sandals contain heels, but they are very comfortable and won’t hurt your back. 


Die Badelatschen means the flip flops in English. They have a Y-shaped strap at their beginning. This strap placed between the first two fingers of your foot to provide grip for walking. You cannot wear flip flops at any professional place. However, it is idealized to be worn on picnics, beach, or in shower. Unlike sandal, they don’t have the rare strap. They are usually made of plastics, foam, and rubber.


Die Turnschuhe is known as sneakers in English. The bottom i.e. the sole of the sneakers is made of rubber material while the upper surface is made of any synthetic material. It is often used by sporty people or the people at the gym. They are extremely comfortable as they are soft and light weighted, as compared to any other type of shoes. You can Schuhe kaufen online with a variety of colors and styles. 


Der Absatzschuh means the heels in English. A woman’s life is totally incomplete without heels. Heels provide a professional look to a woman with increased height. They are mostly worn in-office meetings, wedding ceremonies or any other formal parties. The stuff used for making the heel is either steel or any other strong material, as whole-body weight lies upon it. They give a look of thinner legs. Black leather high heels have their own class apart.