Women love to wear boots and booties, especially when the weather turns cold. Not only is there a style for every outfit, but there are also boots suitable for bad weather, for temperatures below zero, and more. Thanks to the internet, women have more choices than ever before. When shopping for beautiful boots this year, be sure to check out the following sites. 

Filly Flair

For the budget-conscious woman, www.fillyflair.com is a great place to pick up boots and booties for every occasion. Find plenty of styles for under $50, and women love the fact they can obtain a complete outfit here. Whether cowboy boots are needed for the finishing touch to an outfit or a woman wants new boots for the winter months, this is the first place to head. They carry boots and booties in a wide range of sizes to ensure countless women can shop with ease. This is the first place every female should visit when she wishes to add to her shoe collection. 

Manolo Blahnik

When a woman needs boots with no heel, Manolo Blahnik can be of help. The same is true when a lady is in need of heels with boots, as this shoe designer's collection has a little bit of everything. From plain boots to fancy, he has covered every type of boot or bootie a woman could need to appear well-dressed at all times. Be prepared to fork over some money to purchase a pair of his shoes or boots, however. They run in the hundreds of dollars with some costing $1,200 and up. Be sure to check out the offerings to learn whether there is a pair on his site right for you. 

Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo is known for creating amazing shoes and boots for women who have some money to spend on footwear. However, be prepared to spend $1,000 or more to own a pair of boots made by this designer. Although there are a few styles that cost slightly less than this, the majority of his collection will set you back considerably. This limits the number of shoes a woman can purchase at one time, so this should not be any lady's first stop when the time comes to obtain footwear. However, it never hurts to stop by his site to see what is hot today. 


Runways across the world often feature boots and booties made by Valentino. This fashion designer has a wide range of footwear women are sure to love. This is one site that should never be ignored when a lady is searching for boots or booties. Be prepared with a credit card, however, as these shoes are rather expensive. 

Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin is another designer many women admire and wish they could afford. The shoes in this collection definitely stand out in a crowd but can be costly as well. The styles range from casual to dressy, allowing each shopper to find a shoe that fits nicely in their wardrobe. When money is an issue though, don't hesitate to visit the site, get some ideas of what is fashionable this season, and look for less-expensive alternatives. Women who do so find their shoe budget go much further. 

As with all types of apparel, footwear styles tend to change with the season and the year. Make sure your footwear remains fashionable by purchasing new boots or booties regularly. Fortunately, accomplishing this has never been easier, so be sure to pick up a new pair today. You won't regret doing so when you see how incredible they make you look and feel.