Are you a fan of Viking jewelry and do not know where you can buy some amazing quality products at affordable prices? Let me help you with that, Viking Caulking is my favorite Viking store, they have a variety of products, affordable prices, and some products are on sale too, plus you get free shipping over 30$. 

Their jewelry is crafted beautifully and they offer other products too, like, décor items, t-shirts, drinking horns, hair accessories, key chains, etc. Give a read to all the details below, so you might get an idea for what to buy.


The unique design necklaces, chains, and pendants are crafted well and made in a way to maintain their authenticity. Every necklace or pendant had a symbol crafted on it. Each symbol has meaning in the Viking era, and the store has done a good job to maintain the Norse culture. There are about 45 different designs of pendants available for you to choose, i.e, Viking compass pendant, axe pendant, Mjolnir pendant, dragon necklace, goat necklace, wolf necklace, tree of life necklace, etc. Every symbol has a meaning hidden in it, search for the symbol that speaks to your soul.


Whether you are looking for a simple leather wolf bracelet or a raven bracelet made of sterling steel, the Viking store has got you covered. Viking Caulking offers a wide variety of steel, silver and bronze arm rings, bracelets, leather bracelets and bangles of different colors, shapes, and sizes. Every ornament is beautifully crafted and goes with every style. Vikings wore bracelets to show off their wealth and also used their jewelry as currency. Silver was the most common metal Vikings used to make their jewelry, other common metals include bronze, alloy, glass, amber, etc. Gold was rarely used and only rich people used it in their jewelry. The bracelets they made were inspired by Russian culture. The craftsmen of Viking Caulking crafted bracelets without running the ancient culture with a slightly modern touch. Take a look at the stunning collection available on the Viking store and also they deliver their products in nice packaging.


Vikings discovered and wore rings in their last era. The rings were completely different from other cultures of their time. Vikings were skilled with crafting jewelry with precious stones and they were very fond of their jewelry, and, why shouldn’t they be. You can check the unique and beautiful jewelry that remains in the museums that are found on their burial sites. Norse rings were mostly made of Gold, Bronze, and Silver. Vikings were fond of stones, assumed by necklaces found, but I guess they did not like setting stones in their rings, unlike their bracelets. If you are looking for a wedding ring, or friendship band or a style statement to add in your collection, vikingcaulking has a wide variety available. Whether you are looking for wolf head ring, raven ring, Irish ring, Valknut wedding band or a simple serpent steel ring, check out their collection. The good quality material that is used is ring making is sterling silver, Bronze and stainless steel.


If you are looking for the replica of Viking earrings, make sure you check their collection is beautifully crafted and true inspiration of their culture. Every piece that is available on the store, tells history. Find one that speaks to your heart. The material used in bronze, metal, and silver. Did you know earrings are the rare piece of Viking culture and the real pieces are found by many difficulties? Whether you are looking for axe earrings, raven earrings, Mjolnir earrings or simple rune earring, the Viking store has got you covered and Viking Caulking store has incredible 30 days return policy too.

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