Below are the responses of some of the women we interviewed during a survey regarding the kinds of underwear they want men to wear : Bried, boxers or boxer briefs ?

Why women prefer boxers to other types of men's underwear?

"Boxers go perfectly with my own type of guy.  Classic, but  by no means his dad's underwear."

"Oxford cloth boxers fit right. It is impossible for you  to beat it!"

"I don't want the underwear of my guy to resemble mine. I highly recommend boxers for him."

" Reasonable amount of reveal. I also look sexy in them when the top is rolled down."

"The other forms of underwear are too tight & overindulgent, whereas boxers are both relaxed and chill; they are not full of themselves."

The Much Sought-after Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs have the same length as boxers but different fabrics. They offer more support and due to the fact that they are tighter, they reveal more of a guy’s manhood and form, which several women consider as the aspect of the style they like most. The black Calvin Kleins is no doubt the best among them. Its sleek silhouette, as well as the dark color which hides stains, endears it to women. 

"Black is classic at all times, and  whenever I'm washing them, I  will not see your stains."

"Calvins are  not only iconic but also they ooze sexiness."

"They resemble lingerie. They are as hot as hell."

Below are some of the reasons given by women as to why they preferred boxer briefs to other forms of men's underwear:

"Boxer briefs make men appear more muscular.  Men also wear them any time they feature in adverts for women.  Therefore, I associate boxer briefs with hot dudes."

"Sexier than boxers&  make thighs more noticeable."

"They fit perfectly under clothes."

"Boxer briefs can be likened to the Goldilocks for the underwear of men. They are neither too loose nor too tight. They are just perfect!"

"As far as I am concerned, they happen to be the most masculine looking. I will never subscribe to taking off the pant of a guy and seeing boxers  that have reindeer on them in June."

"Boxer briefs make the buttocks and thighs appear great. My dad wears boxers  while my 7-year-old  boy wears boxer briefs."

"Boxer briefs make a man look very attractive; unlike boxers, they are complimentary and give no room for too much freedom :)"

"I  am in love with boxer briefs because a peek-a-boo sighting will not be possible when a man wears them.  Usually, they  fit a guy much better than boxers."

"Mainly, I like slim-cut boxers which are made with technical fabrics.  They have an appearance  like that of boxer briefs, which are  attractive owing to the fact that they're more  masculine in appearance than briefs & more conscious of the form than boxers."

The Most Popular Briefs

The majority of the women we interviewed were no fans of briefs. Many considered them as underpants. Others noted that the briefs make them remember their dad.  However, thereare still a few diehard fans.

" Although I'm not an  uncompromising fan of briefs,  I have seen  so many pictures  in which David Beckham  wears gray briefs that I cannot resist them."

"Gray is not as virginal as white briefs; however, it's light enough to reveal your junk’s outlines."

"Gray is the lesser of three evils.   Briefs are associated with a cultural stigma & the black which has white piping brings to mind an American Apparel: a nexus between skeevy and cheesy. "

"I am not really in love with this style as it makes me remember my dad, so I decided to go with the least dad and most design-oriented pair."

"If you must wear a garment which slightly resembles bikini bottoms for a woman, make it simple.  However, say no to white. Boys rarely separate their darks and lights, and white quickly gets dingy. "

"White resembles the underwear of your dad. Gray happens to be a cool man's color. White piping  results in your junk  appearing like a cartoon."

Below are some of the reasons given by some of the women interviewed for preferring briefs to other forms of underwear:

"I prefer men who are in good shape and have no problem with their sexuality, and briefs are the only underwear that can offer all the aforementioned qualities among western men."

"I love  the look of the butt of a guy  who wears briefs."

"Briefs happen to be my favorite underwear for men.  Guys who wear briefs are more confident and are not by any means afraid of losing masculinity which the  normal underwear confers on them."

The Most Sought-after Trunks

Basically, trunks are boxer briefs which have shorter legs. They are characterized by more athletic fabrics as well as colors. Think of how wonderful Cristiano Ronaldo looks in his own trunks. 

Below are some of the responses given by some women whom we interviewed regarding why they want men to wear trunks:

"They make Zoolander come to my mind whenever I see a man wearing them."

"Army green feels very tough and masculine."

"I have the feeling that  they would  show the outline of the butt very well."

"Trunks are tight enough to reveal a nice bottom. They make me feel happy that I do not have a monopoly of wearing something tight, my guy can also do."

" The fact that the legs are  very short  endear them to me."

"Trunks  provide the  superlative assessment of what  is waiting for me when  my man removes them."

"In the past, before I engaged in too much conversation with my hubby, I would have gone for boxer briefs. However, both of us ended up with a preference for trunks. The shorter legs make them superb in the heat. "