So, you’ve been on Instagram and you’ve seen a whole bunch of people looking cool wearing sunglasses, and you’re wondering if they could work their magic on you.  The answer? Of course they can, but just because Gigi Hadid looks great in her Vogue sunglasses, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will suit you.  There are over fifty basic sunglasses styles and each of those styles comes in a dizzying array of variables, so your options are literally in the thousands.  

What you shouldn’t do is simply buy a pair because they look good on someone else.  Take your time and wait until you find a pair that you really love and which are right for you.  Here are a few tips to help you on the way.

Choose a frame that suits your face shape

There’s a whole pseudo-science based around this. Put simply, you want a frame that works with your face and doesn’t over accentuate your face shape.  So, if your face is round, you should avoid round John Lennon style frames, whereas if you have a broad forehead, a round pair of frames could work well to offset the straight lines of your face.

Choose sunglasses that reflect your personal style

Sunglasses make for a fantastic accessory; they can transform your look. This said, you do have to be able to wear them with confidence.  Your hairstyle and your taste in clothing all need taking into consideration when you select a pair of sunnies.  Everyone looks good in Wayfarers, but those oversize wrap arounds might not be for you.  And it’s at this point that you realise that one pair of sunglasses will never be enough.

Don’t buy the cheapest pair

Oh, sure you can find a bin full of sunglasses for next to nothing, but they are unlikely to offer much protection from UV rays and they won’t last five minutes.  A great pair of sunglasses is a possession that you can treasure for years so it’s always worth investing in a reputable brand.

Lenses are important

When you are choosing a pair of sunglasses, most of your deliberations are likely to be focused on the frame, the style and the color, but the most important part of your sunglasses are the lenses.  

Firstly, there’s the material from which the lenses are made.  Optical glass is scratch resistant and durable but shatters on impact. Polycarbonate is fifty times stronger than optical glass but is easy to scratch, whilst an SR-91 lens has the lightweight strength of polycarbonate and superior optical quality.  

Secondly, there’s the colour of your lens, and it’s not just an aesthetic choice. Different colours offer a different viewing experience, for example yellow/orange lenses are particularly good for depth perception. 

Finally, there is the lens coating. Do you opt for polarised, polychromatic, gradient or mirrored?  Whatever you choose, ensure that you are getting high UVA and UVB protection.

Make sure they fit

No matter how much you love them, they’re no good if they don’t fit.  The width of the lens, the width of the bridge and the width of the arm all need to fit your face.  Ideally the frame should sit as close to the eye as possible.
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