Imagine yourself walking into a gala or any other function overly dressed with cheap personalised jewellery. Of course, you will stand out, but, for the wrong reasons. Nonetheless, you don't want that, and you would rather know about pairing your outfit with your jewelry.

If you need to look elegant and glamorous, it is essential to shop from the best. Personalised jewellery UK has a wide range of jewelry style categories you can choose from, and that will match with your occasions. So, what jewelry do you wear for which occasion? Here are a few ways to help you choose the right jewelry for a particular event.

1. Interview 

It true, you want to get employed for the answers you gave during an interview and not how you look. However, dress smartly but avoid too many accessories.  You need to look polished and therefore, use simple earrings and an elegant necklace. Avoid dangling personalised bracelets as they might motivate you to fidget or take away the attention of your interviewee.

2. Anniversaries

Anniversaries are significant for most couples because it's a reminder of the beginning of your life together. On this date, you can wear personalized jewelry that your partner gifted you. It's important they see you still have the gift and that you treasure it. However, don’t wear all the personalized gifts your partner bought you over the year. They might shift his/her attention from you to your accessories.

3. Casual occasion

Maybe, it’s on the weekend; you’re planning to go shopping or take a walk, would it not be fine to feel stylish and comfortable? If your answer is yes, wear three layers of different lengthy personalized necklaces. Additionally, you can wear several delicate bracelets as they help you look put together. Also, choose small pieces of earrings probably 3mm wide.

4. The occasion that involves kids

Kids tend to play with almost anything. Nonetheless, playing with your hoop earrings will only be fun to them but painful for you. Avoid dangling necklace and instead wear stud earrings and classic rings any time your planning to be around kids. 

5. Vacation

Sometimes you need to relax from your daily hustle. Maybe take a vacation in another country or city. Wearing expensive jewelry will only make you seem wealthy, a prey to kidnappers, or even attract theaves who will steal your jewelry. Therefore, keep it simple and carry cheap Personalised Jewellery that matches your outfit but will not compromise your elegant look.

6. Party or gala

You want to stand out, and so you should look glamorous. However, don't overdo your personalized jewelry dressing. Several finger rings and hoop earrings will make you look beautiful and elegant. Choose the jewelry that will allow you to dance to your favorite tune and at the same time, make you stand out among your friends.


Deciding what to wear on what occasion just became easier. Nonetheless, some cheap Personalised Jewellery types are not of quality, and they fade as soon as you wear them. It is essential that you purchase your jewelry from a reliable source like the personalized jewelry UK.