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Cashmere scarf is becoming one of the must-have staple wardrobe accessory for those who love fashion. People buy it for not only for its superior softness and luxury that no other material can provide, but also that the 100% cashmere scarf is quite lightweight and compact.

Here are the benefits of having a cashmere scarf:

- A cashmere scarf provides warmth and adds style to your outfits.
- The cashmere doesn’t wrinkle easily. So you can always reply the cashmere wrap on the go.
- Cashmere wrap is not bulky but offers great insulation.
- Cashmere fiber is hollow in structure so the cashmere scarf is very breathable and doesn’t cause irritation to your skin.
- The cashmere scarf becomes softer when it ages.
A cashmere scarf will enhance your beauty when you take your baby out on a stroller.
- Even the best cashmere scarf will pill but once it is removed, the pill doesn’t occur again so it is easy to maintain.

Things to consider when purchasing a cashmere scarf?

- It is always easier to go with well-known cashmere wrap seller like Burberry, Acne Studios or  Ovcio. These brands carry a wide collection of cashmere scarf for men and women.

- If you are not familiar with cashmere brands and is about to get your first cashmere scarf, Then here are basic tips to learn to define the quality of the cashmere scarf.

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First of all, compared the cashmere scarf with a wool garment. Your fingers can immediately feel the difference. The cashmere fiber is luxurious, softer and more akin to the skin. While the touch of the wool garment will feel rough and durable.

Another easy test is to stretch the surface cashmere wrap to see if it comes back to shape fast. The first-class cashmere knitting is tight and resilient so it always snap back when you try to pull the knitting away.

Lastly, we know the if the longer cashmere fiber means better quality in the finished scarf. The length of a cashmere fiber is around 18mm to 40mm. Of course, we can’t just bring to ruler and measure the fiber length on site. Instead, we can put our hands on the surface of the cashmere scarf and rub it gently back and forth. If it starts to cause buzz balls then we need to watch out for the quality.

100% cashmere or cashmere blends?

The cashmere fiber is 1/6 the size of the hair fiber and known for its breathable and soft property. Other fiber like silk and wool are harder and not as insulated. The pricing of the cashmere blend scarf is significant lower than 100% cashmere scarf. 

The silk-cashmere blend cashmere wrap is good for the draping feeling and extra coolness. So it might be an alternative in summer but not for freezing winter days.

Be aware of the cashmere blend that contains cashmere with less than 30%, with less cashmere fibers, the performance of the cashmere scarf will be compromised.

What makes high quality cashmere different from the low quality cashmere?

Cashmere fibers are divided into different quality levels by their length, width and color. The cashmere scarf made of longer fibers will less likely to pill and more durable. High quality cashmere gets even better with every wash. Cheaper cashmere garments use short fibers and unsorted colors. We can’t the quality of cashmere fiber on the site but we will know by time. That’s why we recommend getting the 100% cashmere scarf from well-rated stores.