Choker necklaces have exploded in popularity over the last couple of years and are now regularly spotted on the red carpet and catwalks alike. Like most trends the choker has slipped in and out of fashion over the centuries. 

The choker necklace trend dominating the fashion catwalks this season is all about organic sophistication. Designers like Louis Vuitton have featured exaggerated chokers in their new collections including oversized neck hugging chains in irregular sculptural forms.

We explore the long and curious history of the choker necklace and discover why it is still the must-have fashion essential for this season.

Early History

The choker was first worn by ancient Egyptians who wore them not for style but to protect the wearer against evil. Ancient paintings of the upper classes and gods of the time depict them draped in the most elaborate gold chokers. 

In Victorian times chokers were back in vogue again. The fashion icon of her day was Alexandra of Denmark who wore a choker to cover a small scar on her neck. Much like your modern-day Instagram influencers, she was a trend setter and had a profound influence on the prevailing fashion trends. Soon her regal influence had all the society ladies wearing intricate gold chokers.

The 90’s 

In the 1990s, chokers yet again rose in popularity. The style quickly gained recognition as a number of high-profile celebrities including Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Aniston were seen championing this style on the red carpet alongside their trusty oversized denim jackets. The ‘90s revival of chokers saw velvet and plastics being the material of choice. These chokers were teamed with almost any outfit for an everyday or evening look. 


This season, the catwalks are full of bold necklaces and chokers that will ensure that all eyes are on you. Chokers are the essential piece for power dressing, making them the perfect addition to any career woman’s jewellery collection. 

Team your statement choker with an oversized blazer and a crisp white shirt for the ultimate killer outfit. This look is perfect for any professional women wanting to update her work wardrobe with an empowering look. The choker has day-to-night flexibility and can be teamed with your favourite pair of heels for a stunning evening look. 

Chokers are extremely versatile and will look great with a range of different necklines on your favourite garments. Whether you’re wearing a crewneck t-shirt or a plunging blouse, the addition of a choker will perfectly frame your face and neckline. 

To gain ultimate style points this summer, team your choker with a high ponytail to draw extra attention to your newly embellished neckline.  For a more laid-back vibe, pair your choker with a loose wave in your hair for a girly surfer look. There are so many styles of choker available that whether your style is classy, edgy or sophisticated you will always be able to find the perfect choker accessory for you.

If you are looking for a subtle way to incorporate this popular trend into your wardrobe this season, a delicate gold choker necklace looks gorgeous worn alone or layered with other existing necklaces in your collection. Layering a few different length chains with a dainty choker will create a chic and feminine look that will be trending all summer long. 

With its versatility and effortlessness, it is no wonder that chokers have quickly become the must-have accessory for this season. Now all you need to do is decide which style to choose and how you will accessorise it. Will you go for a heavily embellished statement piece or keep it simple with a delicate chain? Whatever you choose, this classic trend is here to stay, so you can adopt this style for years to come!