Today, every simpler technology device, tablet, notebook, computer ... is mostly present for hours. This already shows how important time is in our lives. Without it we cannot schedule our day. In the Industrial Revolution, when hours and hours of work can be controlled, dedicated employees get pocket watches as gifts. That's the way the owner finds a gift, as if he has regained control of his time in dedication.

Men's watches were created to help men in assignments and as soon as they were sent to World War I to help because pocket watches were not so practical. Ask your grandfather what the man who uses a good watch looks like. Maybe he will tell you that he is seen as a man who conveys elegance and thoroughness. Or even other qualities such as calmness, strength, and virility.

Men's watches add a lot to men and really expose his personality. All the qualities mentioned above that your grandfather might already know, today also apply. For women, a man with his watch can say a lot about his personality and always that his face will be different. Because the watch is our "women's shoes." He also respects us and brings him passion.

That desire is strength. Have you ever noticed that people are great: politicians, businessmen, directors, presidents ... are they always with your watch? This is not without reason. They need to emphasize their personalities and strengths, and watches go very well. They never put a watch as an accessory, many of them only wear watches. Because in reality they know the importance of watches and it's more than just an accessory.

Donald Trump, one of the most powerful men in the world, for example, uses a lot of watches. He wasted no time with his watch. It uses so much that it once mocked the internet for wearing a very tight watch when playing golf.

The choice and purchase of a watch is a very important moment, although many people treat it with displeasure, after all, by choosing the right part you can get friends for life, but more than choosing something beautiful and durable, the watch must also in harmony with your user style. Here are some tips for finding a model that fits your lifestyle:

1 - Get to know your style

Anyone who runs all the time in a shirt and jeans can't buy Cartier, even though he has money for it. This has nothing to do with walking in simple clothes and wearing a diamond studded watch. Spending a lot or a little, there are models that are suitable for any style, but for example, if you work with clothes all week and on weekends like a very casual look, consider buying two models, avoid schizophrenia to wear a watch from Diesel with a truly formal look, giving the impression that he was dressed in a hurry and forgot to change his watch.

2 - Consider your physical type

Weak guys with big watches like they put ship wheels on their wrists. No matter how beautiful the model is chosen, if it doesn't match the physical type, it's better to look for other models.

3 - Don't try to pretend to be yourself

We always advise you to buy something of the highest quality available in your budget, but many people tend to want to use a watch as a status symbol by investing an unreasonable amount of money. Want advice? Not this way you get respect and admiration from others, buy the right model and let your personality and style do the rest.

4 - Design X Engineering

It is normal to choose a model based on appearance, but it is necessary to consider the quality, the factors that affect the operation and the durability of the pieces, guarantee their use for years and are worth your investment. A good construction watches, like Hamilton Jazzmaster or Breilting Navitimer, usually move from father to child.

5 - Know the complications and use them as you see fit

"Complications" are names given to functions such as the chronometer, perpetual calendar, lunar calendar, among others, some of which may not be useful at all, others can be very helpful to facilitate your life, such as tidal tables or depth indicators that can be useful for water sports.

Hopefully the information in this article can help you choose the right watch. Anyway, if you want to get more information about fashion, you are recommended to download the best fashion apps.