Are you a fan of Blackpink? If you are, you would love to follow the style of this popular South Korean girl group. You can buy the merchandise of this group and all other popular Korean groups in Australia. K-Pop merchandise is very popular in the nation. 

You can buy Blackpink sweater, hoodie, cap and a lot more. If you don't have a quality, cool sweater for this winter, you can shop a Blackpink sweater. In addition to keeping you warm, these stylish sweaters can also play a part in enhancing your looks, style and personality. This sweater is made to look good on you.  

A sweater is not just a classic, generic pullover you wear atop other base layers. There are varieties of sweaters coming with different features. Following are the five things you need to consider while looking for a Blackpink sweater or any other sweater:

Color & stitching 
However, in this article, we will cover the material only. The warmth and comfort a sweater will provide depend on the material. There are different types of natural and synthetic fabrics used for making sweaters to protect your body from cold climates and harsh conditions. Following are the best materials used for making sweaters:

Polyester & Cheap Cotton 
Wool Sweaters

This is the best natural materials for making sweaters. Wool has natural ability to retain heat. This warm material comes from sheep. It has been in use for centuries for making garments for warmth. There are different grades of this material. Go for the highest grade wool. The highest grade wool can be pricey but there is no match for the luxurious feel it provides.  
Cashmere is also a type of wool but comes from Cashmere goats. Actually, it would be wrong to call it wool because Cashmere is type of hair. Cashmere is not as warm as other varieties of wool. However, a Cashmere sweater provides you with solid heat retention. This is a soft and timeless material used for a lot of other items in your wardrobe.      
Cotton Sweaters 

This is another natural material used for making winter clothes. Sweaters made from this material are inexpensive, easy to wash and maintain and also resistant to wear. You can easily find stylish sweaters created with this material. Sweaters made from the highest quality cotton are excellent for warm weather. However, this material is not as good as wool when it comes to retaining heat. This does not dry quickly. Consider its limitations when you are buying any outfit made from this fairly-priced material. 
Alpaca Sweaters 

This material has been in use in South America for hundreds of years. It is warm like wool and soft like cashmere.  In addition to sweaters, this material is also used in gloves, hats and ponchos.    

Polyester & Cheap Cotton Sweater 

Both cheap cotton and polyester are very popular. However, none of these two is as good as Alpaca, cotton or wool. Polyester and cheap cotton sweaters cannot retain their shapes after several washes. These sweaters are also not good at retaining heat.