Nose piercing is an age-old tradition in many countries. People of different cultures from all across the globe have been opting this piercing for cultural, religious and aesthetic reasons. Talking about recent times, today’s youth follow the trend as a way of self-expression. Many wear nose jewelry as a fashion symbol as well as to enhance their look. 

Nose jewelry comes in various sizes and shapes. From nose ring and studs to nose screws, bones and captive bead rings, there are many types of nose jewelry options available. This allows one to flaunt the style that appeals them the most, and suits their personal sense of style. 

If you are new to nose piercing and don’t want to settle for a simple nose ring, following are the styles you can go for:

1) Black Diamond Nose Ring in 14K Gold: For women who love black, this nose ring is an ideal choice to adorn their nose piercing. The black diamond in the nose ring exudes elegance and mystery. Complement this ring with your favorite black dress before going to a party or get-together.

2) Platinum Nose Hoop Ring: Who doesn’t love platinum? And when it comes to nose jewelry, a platinum nose hoop is something that can’t be ignored. This hoop is stylish, comfortable and chic, all at the same time. Perfect to add to your nose jewelry collection!

3) Gemstone Nose Bone: A nose bone with a colorful top is another stunning way to adorn your nose piercing. It will not add only add a dash of color to your piercing but will also make it look unique and beautiful. Something to make your nose piercing stand out!

4) Septum Clickers: Septum clickers are a great alternative to traditional nose rings. Plus, they are innovative and unique. The best part is that they come in a number of fancy designs to satisfy one’s tastes and preferences.

5) 14K Gold Twisted Nose Hoop: If you want something more from a standard nose hoop, this twisted hoop is the right piece of nose jewelry for you. Its twisted style will make your piercing look one-of-a-kind. With the c-shape design, the hoop easily slips into nose piercing thus embellishing your piercing in no time. 

6) Cubic Zirconia Round Bezel Captive Bead Ring: Featuring a dazzling round cubic zirconia gemstone, this captive bead ring is perfect to achieve a sleek modern look. You can experiment with colors and choose from white, yellow, and rose gold for a complete ravishing look. 

7) Diamond Nose Stud in 14K Gold: Diamonds are every woman’s first love and nothing beats this diamond nose ring when it comes to style a nose piercing.  This stunning ring is set in highly polished, luxurious 14k gold which adds to its gorgeousness. You can also go for diamond nose rings in rose gold or yellow gold.

8) L-Shape Faux Hoop Nose Ring: Bold and Modern, this half hoop with an L-shaped post will undoubtedly make your piercing stand out. Its thick half hoop will wrap around your nose, giving it the illusion of a hoop without actually going all the way around.