Some time ago, fashion told us that the wallet, shoes, and belt must be the same color. If this trio is different, we are not at the forefront at all. But, everything changes. And in this article we will talk about the important complement in which we take everything.

Bags and shoes should no longer be the same!

Forget about carrying a wallet of the same color as your shoe. It's outdated, like we just mentioned. Previously it was like a jacket that had to combine, of course, these elements, plus belts, accessories, lipstick ... But, now it's different.

Fashion has given way to creativity, color brotherhood, the authenticity of people. Which has resulted in a beautiful mix of combinations and revocation of some laws when dressed.

Your bag or wallet, shoes and clothing belt no longer have to have the same color. This is the tip mode that you must follow. If you want to look like an expert on this topic, we invite you to follow this suggestion.

Shut up to buy bags and shoes without thinking that this must be the same color. Instead, choose the one you like the most. And if you intend to use it for certain events, make sure the color is from the same color palette, or make a contrast. For example, wine-colored shoes with purple purses, or yellow shoes with blue shoes.

Know the type of bag that you should not miss

Just like there are basic clothes to wear, in the accessories section there are also important accessories that will get you out of bonding. Among the basic types of bags that you must have, are:

Clutch or envelope

This is the perfect complement to the evening program. This is a small or medium wallet with a rectangular shape, very similar to an envelope. It has no rope, it is made to be carried in your hand. A snapshot bag is a good option.

The important colors for this type of portfolio are: black, gold and silver. You don't have to go to a gala meeting or a formal meeting to use these last two colors. Consider that they match almost all other colors and clothing, regardless of time.

Leather bag

Known by terms in English. If you are a bohemian fashion lover, a brown leather bag will be good for highlighting your personality. Besides that, it looks beautiful with floral prints, white clothes, and the color of women's jeans. Get one medium size, with an oval shape for greater practicality.

Type of bag, bucket bag or strap bag

This is a fashionable bag model in the 80s of the last century. The shape is like a sack tied by a funnel with a thin rope, the base is sturdy. Usually medium-sized, making it suitable for tall women and short stature.

The colors that best suit this model are yellow, electric blue, fuchsia. Although neutral tones always come out winning, and don't miss out for the less risky: black, brown and gray.

Doctor's suitcase

There are various sizes. Depending on the occasion, choose the dimensions and colors. But, if you lack, choose the one that suits you, ideal for going to the office. If you like, it will be good for a short trip. Black and white is the ideal color for preserving retro air inspired by this accessory.

Tote or shopper

This is the ideal companion on the way to take you along the way. Because of the wide size and shape, you can include it from a hair dryer, your laptop and a change of clothes "just in case." They are perfect for taking to university or for professionals who work with many documents and have to walk with them on the road. Whatever color suits you, there is even some transparency. They have two handles and one large open compartment.

Hopefully this information is useful to increase your knowledge.