Prom is one of the occasions one never wants to miss out on. The frenzy of attending the event and stealing the light is probably the dream of every student, ever. 

The ambiance, the batchmates and a feeling of a farewell blend to give you the kind of feeling you never thought your institute had the power to. A goodbye diffused with a fresh new beginning could be the turning point of your life and equally overwhelming at that.

Prom is the day when you get to dress your best and leave a long-lasting impression on everybody around you, a day to celebrate and a memory to reminisce for a lifetime. And why wouldn't you want to look your absolute best when you certainly deserve to, especially after a long time of studying your life away. 

If you sync with our thoughts of boggling their minds with your ravishing looks, here are the best in-store looks from Ellie Wilde Prom Dresses, to be read as drop-dead gorgeous Ellie Wilde Prom Gowns!

You sync with gold, honey:

The shimmery sequin gold sweetheart gown from the best collection of Ellie Wilde Dresses 2019, is here to rock your prom. This stunning pick from the Ellie Wilde Prom Gowns lets you flaunt that Queen-vibe of yours with pride and utmost elegance. The sweetheart neckline muddled with a perfect fit is what this floor-length beauty has to offer. If you are fond of all that sparkle making you glow your best, this one's for you.

Mermaid on the go:

Some find themselves roaring loud, whereas some find their inner self being prominent in other elements. This water-spirited long dress takes you closer to your world of dreams, connecting you to your mermaid self. The strapped sweetheart pick from Ellie Wilde Prom Dresses will make every table turn for you. The dress features beaded lace illusion bodice over a stretch taffeta skirt, conquering hearts as you strut your way to prom. 

Ombre-ombre, you're The Star:

The ombre sequined deep v-neck trumpet dress could be your battle dress as all of them are taken by awe at the very first look of yours. The mystical beauty of Ellie Wilde Dresses 2019 is all yours to flaunt this prom. Making all them drool is just one of the by-products of owning this gorgeous floor-length dress. If you're all up for nailing the chic-look, this could be an ideal choice.

Less cliched, more classy:

A lot of people might consider classy as monotonous, but the real admirers of elegance will know it is worth any and everything in the world. Along with beaded sweetheart A-line neck, the best from the collection of Ellie Wilde Prom Gowns makes it a point to make you look like the unmatched beauty teeming with grace.  

Owning any pick from the Ellie Wilde Prom Dresses would make sure that there are no cameras left which aren't tempted to click, snap, frame, focus you like the diva of Prom. Are you all set to boggle their minds? Because we surely are.