Lingerie is an essential part of your wedding wardrobe. Not only they make you look good, but it also plays a vital role to strengthen your relationship with your significant other. You might find it surprising but think of it in this way. Wearing anything sexy would make you feel confident. With confidence boosted up, you are sure to do well in every aspect of your relationship. Here’s lowdown on what you want to might want to pack. 

Nighties for Appeal and Comfort

Very few things seem to work better than that of a red-hot, short nighty. Perfect for mood-making in the wedding night, it has an unspoken appeal to the groom. Your nighty looks even more seductive when it comes embossed with some designer laces. Typically, nighties for bride come in two pieces. The red full-length nighties with a contrasting robe can be perfect for the Indian bride. The satin-smooth baby doll nighties that come with cozy shades like purple and pink, and adjustable shoulder straps and halter neck give a good shape to your silhouette. It particularly highlights your breast area. When shopping for a bridal nighty, you can choose from an array of colors and various seductive designs. For example, a transparent, backless nightdress with light baby print embellishments on the bikini areas look breathtaking, yet very feminine. 

What to Pick For Honeymoon Dresses

Your honeymoon wardrobe needs to be fun, comfortable, yet distinct. There are different types of honeymoon dresses for bride like beachwear, resort wear, loungewear and so on. Then again, you do need to consider the weather of the place where you will be going. Again, since you are travelling, it makes no sense to pack too many dresses. That being said, you would need to be selective about what you are buying. 

To begin with, you can go sweet and feminine with a basic sleeveless and pleated floral day frock.  These dresses are available in different sizes. However, if you are somewhat plump or have a small neck, then you might want to choose something with a V-shaped neckline. A light summer dress with floral prints also looks great with different pieces of jewelry. If you are enjoying the spring breeze, then you might want to pair it with a summer cardigan, as well. 

Then again, a sophisticated evening gown with a halter neckline, hook closure and back zipper is perfect for a dinner date during the honeymoon.

The good-old ruffles are back in fashion. You can take advantage and pick a short ruffled dress with beaded necklines. A stylish yet flirtatious dress like dress can also help to camouflage your problem areas. 

If you are a plus-size bride, then you can pick a bright, A-line dress that makes way for a vibrant appearance. 

A two-piece dress or a futuristic Boho day frock can also help you show your quirky side when in honeymoon. 

Bridal Bras and You

Your shopping for lingerie would never be complete unless you get yourself some sexy bras. A number of online shops offer quality sets of bras, bikinis and short robes. Several brides putt on ordinary lingerie for the wedding ceremony and keep the cherry-picked ones to impress the spouse on the wedding night. But some brides still fail to understand that even the ‘ordinary’ ones highly differ in style, each has a different purpose of serving.  For example, a romantic lacy set of panties and bra is a classic pick for those who want a safe and classic way to spice things up. Bralettes are a relatively new arrival in the market. They are a mix of an ordinary bra, as well as a crop top. They work particularly well when you are going for a brunch with your partner. As a new-age Indian bride, you would never leave your swag. A backless bra would be just the thing that you would wear with your deep-back blouses with your sarees. You can pick them for your post-wedding lunches and dinners. When your heavily embellished blouses and cholis make your bust appear somewhat flat, a push-up bra can come to your rescue. A gentle lift and firm support are all you might want to dazzle in any show.