To make a strong fashion statement in the social circle, women constantly have to revive their wardrobe with trendy & fashionable attires. 

When it comes to traditional saree attire, blouses style plays a humongous role in sprucing up the chic appearance. However, for most of the women finding the right blouse design for their wedding attire is one of the most daunting tasks. 

A lot of significant factors need to be taken care of when choosing the right kind of blouse. Some of the pivotal factors are body type, saree color and style, jewelry, hairstyle, and the event theme. There are only a handful of blouse designs which can render a diva look to any woman effortlessly. Among them, one regaling option is back neck blouse designs.

To make sure you ace the diva look every time you step out on the streets, we have compiled some of the most enticing and trendiest back neck blouse designs that will help you attain an ever-gorgeous look. 

1. Velvet Back Neck Blouse Design with Round Slit


The startling thing about velvet round slit back neck blouse design is the minimalistic round cut out at the back side. This blouse design is way too perfect to make everyone’s jaw drop with your sizzling hot appearance. The intricate network of beads on the blouse makes it more appealing.

2. V-Cut Back Neck Blouse Design

Here’s something sexy and highly drool-worthy for the fashionistas. In this blouse design, the V-cut lines at the back side of blouse meet at the bottom section of the blouse. This stunning bridal wear in delhi is a bit revealing but if it's wore the right saree, it can make you the center of attraction of any event you step in.

3. Back Embroidery Back Neck Blouse Design

Make your presence noteworthy and formidable by adding back embroidery back neck blouse design in your selection of Indian ethnic wear. The classic embroidery work is done on the net material of the blouse. To make your overall appearance more breathtaking, select the saree color that resonates with blouse sleeves border.

4. Halter Back Neck Blouse Designs

Trust us, with this luscious blouse design at your disposal, you will surely garner the whole event attraction. One of the best things about halter back neck blouse design is you don’t need any jewelry to deck yourself up. Just wear this blouse with any plain saree and you are ready to rock.

5. Two Stringed Back Neck Blouse Design

You will find most of the two-stringed back neck blouse design is Anarkali cut. In this blouse design, two strings are on the backside and the front side gleams with graceful beads. 

6.  Zari Work Back Neck Blouse Design

Be the show-stopper of any party or family function with captivating Zari work back neck blouse design. The fascinating thing about light color zari work blouses is they work well with saree of all contrasts. The zari patterns on the blouses are simple and that’s what makes this blouse style a scintillating catch for the ladies.

7. Heart Shape Back Neck Blouse Design

Planning a date night sooner with your better half? Here’s the intriguing blouse design that will help you to spread your charm on him and make your date night completely on him. To get the best out of this blouse style, select the blouse in red color and the golden border.

8. Multi-Colored Back Neck Blouse Design

This blouse design is quite rich in color and ideal for those women who don’t want to wear completely backless blouses at the parties and other events. Sarees with the net work or transparent silk sarees will do a great justice with your chic look.

These are some of the most astonishing and sought-after back neck blouse designs that women can add in their wardrobe. Make the different combinations of back neck blouses and sarees and step out as a new person every single time.