Timeless jeans appear almost every season - and the fabric appears in combinations of various colours and forms, making any grey reality a little more colourful, with universal functionality. Jeans can be found in just about every wardrobe and match everything - irrespective of the colour, cut or fabric of your outfits. Below are some of our suggestions for adjusting your jeans look to this winter’s trends.

Woollen paradise 

Winter is a period associated mainly with freezing weather, colourful lights and swirling snowflakes. In such a magic atmosphere, it is worth giving consideration to comfortable and warm clothes - so let's combine tight jeans with oversized woollen sweaters in vivid colours, like bright leaves that fell from the trees not long ago. If you are seeking to increase comfort, why not choose a casual version of classic jeans, or the option of stripes.

Crazy with an animal note 

Cold months create the opportunity not only to wear nice warm fabrics, but also to choose animal markings, which always give rise to extreme opinions. Some hate them, while others love them, but one thing is sure - no other pattern can give such teeth to a look as an airy shirt covered with leopard-print. These prints look best when combined with high-waisted drainpipes or mom fit trousers, moving you back to earlier decades. Blue classic jeans are perfect for everyday outfits, whereas dark classic ones suit any festive events.

A brocade world

Many kinds of glossy accessories and glittering fabrics have entered the fashion world for good. To add some magic to old washed jeans, it is worth spending money on a sweater or a blouse in starry colours - you can take the most common trousers and match them perfectly to a New Year's Eve atmosphere. To add variety to the outfit, instead of classic jeans you may choose flared ones - see the latest available at Tally-Weijl, the place for women's jeans!

Subtle classics

For women who prefer subtle solutions and casual elegance, good choices are classic or culotte jeans along with this season's fashionable striped knitted turtlenecks. Light warm colours will guarantee a good look - with the jeans additionally emphasised by the colour of the turtleneck and, in the case of darker shades, despite the apparently simple combination, the look will be extremely elegant.