Winter is upon us as we carefully navigate our way through the last few weeks of autumn. The crisp golden leaves are nearly all fallen, and the temperature is descending gradually into the time for thermals and rosy red noses. With cold seeping more and more into our bones, we all slowly start to look more and more like human marshmallows thanks to the endless layers of clothing in a desperate attempt to stay warm… Or do we? 

The good thing about British country fashion is that it is able to be both stylish and practical; you can be warm and cosy, as well as being easy on the eye.

So, what are the latest trends this autumn and winter?

Deep Reds and Burgundies 
This is pretty common every winter, but we never grow tired of it. As the temperature drops and the days get darker, so does our wardrobe.

Oxblood, in particular, is making its rounds this season; this burgundy-esque shade of red is perfect for winter. Its colour is like that of mulled wine and is warming to just look at, let alone wear. Now, imagine it as a pair of stylish suede knee-high boots. These would look incredible with any outfit, especially with some basic denim skinny jeans. They’re that easy to style.

Meanwhile navy never goes out of style. It’s classically smart and easy to wear. Going out on the evening for a little social event? A navy dress or navy suit would be perfect. Out and about shopping on a crisp autumn afternoon? Navy jumper partnered with a dark brown wax jacket, dark wash denim jeans, and some oxblood boots. How about that, aye? It’s perfect. Or perhaps just throw on a navy coat over whatever outfit you happen to be wearing, because let’s be real, you can never go wrong with navy. 

Literally, does Tweed ever not make its way into our autumn and winter wardrobes? Like, a smart tweed blazer that can turn a casual outfit into something smart and meaning business, all while keeping you super duper toasty. 

Now, imagine yourself on a chilly morning walk, you’re comfortably warm in a beautifully fitted men’s tweed coat. Not only do you feel amazing, but also you look amazing. It’s the perfect combination! 

Tweed is always on trend this time of year, so don’t ever worry about pulling out an old tweed jacket this season. And, if you’re feeling a little out there, why not skip the tweed jacket and instead go for a tweed waistcoat? For women, this would make a look simultaneously fashion-forward – it screams Lady Boss – all while being traditional and classy.  

Our personal favourite this season, in fact, a tweed waistcoat with a splash of colour, the bright detailing adds a very subtle feminine touch to a very much traditionally masculine material. Own that look ladies, you’re the queens of the countryside. 

Leather Satchels 

To finish off any look, you need a smart satchel or messenger bag. Now, you could go for the very pretty Saddle Bag. It’s small, it’s a lovely colour, and it’s handy to carry your valuables in. But if you’re looking for something a bit bigger but also not too bulky, you could opt for a leather messenger bag. Both are simple but classic and compliments any style.