Long bob haircuts are taking the world by storm! They are the perfect choice for those who want to get rid of some of their length without going super short. As well, they are a great way to add some depth and movement to fine or dull hair. As well, bob haircuts, long or short, are a great way to remove some of the dead weight form longer hair and give it some added life!

For the last few years, long bobs, or lobs as they are so often called, have been the most popular hairstyle of the year. We think that this is due to the fact that bob cuts are not only universal, but they are also extremely versatile. As such, they work well with any texture of hair, face shape, eye color and skin tone. They are not only trendy, but they are extremely flattering Not only that, but they are so many styles and variations of lobs that there is something for everyone!

Long bob haircuts are timeless. They are believed to have originated in the West in the early 1900s at a time when most women wore their hair long. However, a few women who were considered fashionable advanced dared to sport short hairstyles pre World War I. However, in the 1920s, they were considered passée. They made a significant comeback in the 1960s and have been pretty much mainstream ever since. Of course, every few years they seem to take a back-seat to their styles, but they are always in the running as one of thee most popular hairstyles. 

One of the best things about bob cuts is that anything goes, from shaved bobs to sleek and angled bobs, the sky's the limits. And with the endless options for hair color these days, you can really dress up your bob haircut to make it your own. From bold streaks to subtle highlights such as balayage tones to brilliant ombre fades in dozens of colors, there's no end to the list of possibles for a unique long bob cut!

Types of Long Bob Hairstyles

Buzz-Cut Bob: Cropped close at the back and shoulder-length in the front, this look is great for  those who a more daring look.

Shingle Bob: Extremely short and taped in the back so it exposes neck at the hairline, this cut is styled so the hair in both sides forms a single point or curl at the cheek.

Chin-Length Bob: This popular variation of the bob is cut straight at the chin and can be worn either with or without bangs. 

Inverted Bob: Also called graduated bob, this style has stacked year in the back with a curved perimeter.

A-line bob: Probably, the most popular style of bob, this look is slightly longer in the front with layers that softy frame the face. 

Shaggy Bob: This popular bob has razored layers for a more edgy look and feel. 

Shoulder-length bob: This blunt cut has little to no layers and brushes the shoulders. 

Keep In mind that some of these styles, such as the buzz cut bob, will require a bit more upkeep as you will have to get it trimmed/shaved very so often to maintain the look. However, if you really like the look and feel of a shorter bob cut, you'll find it's well worth the time and effort!

Now that know a little more about the history and relevance of bob haircuts, as well as the most popular.s styles for bobbed hair, check out some of our favorite long bob haircuts. Pin your favorites so you can show them to your stylist when you are ready to sport your style new bob cut!

5 Hip and Happening Styles for Long Bob Haircuts

1. Sleek Dark to Light Ombre A Line Bob
If you prefer a straight and polished look, this classic a-line bob is perfect. The angels start shorter in the back and gradually gets longer in the front. This look is great for thick hair as it will remove some of the weight, but still maintain the fullness and bounce. The pretty fade from deep brunette to golden blonde is very classy and sophisticated if you want a look that's clean and polished. This look is quite trendy this season!


2. Sexy Shaggy Bob For A Carefree Vibe
This shaggy bob is perfect if you want that “just rolled out of bed and ran my fingers through my hair” look. The messy, tousled layers give it a ton of volume and movement. The shaggy ends give it a casual look and feel that is undeniably sexy. And we love the multi tonal shade of deep brown for a sultry look and feel!

3. Blonde Balayage Choppy Wavy Lob
This pretty blend of blonde balayage tones is perfect for this choppy long bob. The combo of honey and pale blonde tones with a dark brown undertone are a perfect match for the choppy layers and waves. This look is youthful and fun if you want to give your darker locks a lighter hue!

4. Buttery Blonde Bombshell Curly Long Bob
Speaking of blonde, we love this stunning icy blonde ombre lob with loose waves. The asymmetric cut is shorter in the back and longer in the front for a multidimensional look that will glisten like spun gold in the sun. Show off your inner blonde goddess with this sexy long bob!

5. Chocolate Caramel Multidimensional Waves
Another variation of the shaggy a-line bob is this wavy bob with chocolate brown and creamy caramel hues. The contrast of warm and cool tones is striking if you want a look that has a ton of depth and dimension. The choppy layers and waves give this cut a fun and flirty look that shows you have a soft and playful edge.

So are you inspired enough to go for one of these stylish long bob haircuts? We hope we have given you the boost you need to go for a sassy new style this holiday season!