This winter it is all about loud, shiny and lots of texture fashion. If you don’t have any animal print in your wardrobe, it is time for you to hit the story and get something that has a zebra or leopard print as soon as possible. If bold is not your style, there are other subtle things that you could go that are also in fashion for this winter such as fur coats in more mute tones of brown. We will skip some of the trends that are too crazy, even for us, but we will be talking about the more doable fashion that you could easily incorporate into your wardrobe.

Animal prints

This year’s runways are all about animal prints of all sorts. You name them: zebra, leopard cheetah, snake and a lot more. And they are mostly all faux fur. These prints are incorporated not just in clothing items but also shoes and accessories like bags and belts. If you are the type of person who doesn’t do loud print, you can still find some ways to rock an animal print piece in your outfit. You can dress it down, but wear some leopard print boots as a statement piece. Or you can also wear an outfit of neutral colours like an all black outfit with a leopard print big fur hood coat. This will make you look chic and sophisticated with a touch of crazy.

Every shade of brown 

There are some obvious takes on fashion from the 70s fashion with every shade of brown. You will like this fashion more if you are not into animal prints. Think about getting a furry brown coat that will go with almost everything in your wardrobe. Or you can even consider getting some brown suede boots that you can flaunt while you strut your way down on a night out. A dark brown sweater dress could also be one of your options if you are looking for something to wear on a night out.


Not like they ever went out of fashion, but little black dresses hit the runaway again and this time they came back crazier than ever. You probably saw a lot of these on your Instagram feed. They also have a bit of an 80s touched in them because there is an abundance of silk, velvet and sequins on very tiny dresses. They are mostly worn with big jewellery, and equally loud bags and shoes. It is something you can consider wearing to a Christmas party this year.


Okay we all love a good boot, but this year’s fashion has a lot of slouchy cowboy boy boots with snakeskin and leopard patterns. Again coming back from the 70’s, making it easier to tuck your jeans or pants in. If this is not your style then, there is also velvet boots in fashion, along with suede boots that will be right up your street if you are not into loud fashion.