You’ve spent the money and taken the time to have your beautiful new tape in hair extensions installed so it only makes sense that you want to take great care of them.

Extra care is required when showering with your tape in hair extensions if you want them to last. To begin with, you should refrain from washing your hair for 2 days after your extensions were applied to prevent them from slipping out, thereafter you can wash your hair as you normally would with a few exceptions.

Tips for Washing Your Hair with Tape In Extensions

Here are a few basics that will help you keep your hair clean while protecting your extensions.

Start by brushing your hair. Once your hair extensions have been applied, you will need to brush your hair at least twice a day to keep them from tangling and becoming matted, including before you shower. With that being said though, quality hair extensions won’t matt and tangle too easily. If you’re looking to replace your current tape in extensions with a high-quality alternative, visit:

Shampoo your hair correctly. How you wash your hair plays a role in how long your extensions will last. Start at the roots of your hair and slowly work the shampoo down the shaft of your hair. There’s no need to wash your hair all the way down to the tips either. Refrain from using any circular or scrubbing motions. As a side note, be sure to only use a shampoo that was created for tape in extensions. Your hair extensions technician will be able to recommend a few products.

Don’t condition your roots. Using a conditioner on the roots of your hair will affect the adhesive of your extensions, causing them to slip out. Only use a conditioner on the mid-shaft down to keep your hair and your extensions in great condition. Again, ask your hair salon about a good conditioner that’s safe to use on hair extensions.

Be careful how you dry your hair. Once you’re out of the shower, take extra care when drying and brushing your hair. Once you’ve gently towel dried your hair, you can slowly start brushing it from the roots to the tip. Be careful not to rub the towel in between your hair as this will tangle and damage your extensions. 

Now you can blow dry your hair. Once you’ve brushed your hair out, apply a heat protectant spray before switching on your hair drier. You will again need to be very gentle when blow drying and styling your hair so that you don’t tangle or damage your tape in extensions. If you’re unsure about how to dry and style your hair, schedule an appointment at your salon once you’re ready to wash your hair and let your stylist show you how to wash, dry and style your hair with your new tape in hair extensions.