Age is just a number. How often do you hear that? However, when it comes to looks, age probably isn't just a number, or is it? You see, it is not always that your skin will show signs of aging if you’re old enough. Skin aging has multiple reasons, ranging from pollution to poor care taken, resulting in cell degradation and death. Of course, people fail to realise that this, the skin, is the most important organ in the human body after the heart and brain and is the largest organ too! It protects everything that lies below it and it is therefore of great importance to care for it like you’d care for your teeth or health.

1. Sunscreen

Wear some nice sunscreen. The Sun’s rays are responsible for your skin aging. They not only give you that unavoidable tan, but also affect your skin cells greatly. The use of sunscreen, a good one that is, can greatly enhance your skin features. Even if you think you’re too old for any form of effective treatment, rely upon sunscreen, because it always works in some way or the other.

2. Get A Nice, Decent Haircut

Getting a decent haircut is the most important thing you need to do. Looking nice and neat involves your face, but it also depends upon an important part of your face - the hair. Here is a list of hairstyles that you could try out, or derive an idea from. A regular cut won’t affect your look as much as a nice stylized haircut would do. 

3. Moisturizer

Moisturize your skin. Applying a nice moisturizer makes your skin soft and supple, leaving it with a glow. Most moisturizers, at least all of those which are dermatologically approved, can fight skin dryness and even out your skin tone. The secret to younger skin, is however, hydration. Drink lots of water whenever you can, to replenish and exfoliate your skin from within and add a younger touch to it.

4. No Wrinkles Please

Since men have more prominent facial muscles, they will start becoming more prominent after the age of thirty or forty. There are many types of surgeries available in the market which cater to this problem by removing those wrinkles and making your face look younger. A simple internet search will reveal plenty of options for you.

5. Eye Lift

Forehead lines and crow’s feet become very evident on your face during or after the middle ages. The skin around is weak and gives into the stress around you. To keep this in check, you need to volume enhancement around the eyes. Application of filters and other techniques are employed by doctors to give you the treatment you need.

6. Lose Some Weight

Trimming down is a good way to look young. This is not too difficult to do. All you need is a bit of exercise over a gradual period of time, that slowly works on your body, shedding the extra kilos and making you llook more fit and young. If you can spend and if you’re lazy enough, there are other ways to lose weight, but as most people will recommend you, it is better to lose weight naturally, rather than make it happen artificially.

7. Be Happy And Cheerful

The best advice we can give you is to be cheerful. Roald Dahl once wrote “A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly.” We, for a fact, know he was absolutely right. Be happy, plant a smile on your face and try to transform yourself from within to become a pleasant - behaving person. You will not only feel very warm, your body, in adaptation to your behavior will work to be youthful and young.

Looking younger not only gives you a better, more sociable appearance, it also makes you feel better about yourself. The best way to achieve youthfulness is, naturally in your own behaviour. Be energetic, cool with things you do and of course, never forget to smile! After all, feeling young and looking young both come together.