he bodycon dress first found its popularity way back in the 90’s, and has since become a staple piece in almost every woman’s wardrobe. It’s flattering and figure hugging and can work wonders for even the most pear-shaped of figures.

There are some obvious tips and advice for showing off your best bits when it comes to wearing a bodycon dress. Great legs? Wear a dress that’s above the knee. Nice bottom? Wear your body con dress with a short cardigan or blazer that will draw attention to your behind.

Want to learn how you can make the most out of your best bits when wearing a bodycon dress? Here are a number of other tips and considerations that you need to know.

Don’t be afraid

Most women fret and slightly panic at the thought of wearing a tight, figure hugging dress. This shouldn’t be the case! Most bodycon dresses, when worn correctly, are amazingly flattering as they suck you in and smooth out your shape into a pleasing silhouette. If you do feel self conscious and scared of slipping into a bodycon dress, it may be worth investing in a quality pair of Spanx that will give you the extra support that you need.

Play with proportions

As with any tight and figure hugging item of clothing, it’s always best if you can balance it out by pairing it with a loose-fitting item of clothing. Wearing a flowing cardigan or kimono jacket with your bodycon dress will give it the balance that it needs.

Choose what you want to showcase

A tight bodycon dress that’s suitable for a night out on the town with the girls may not be suitable for other formal occasions. When it comes to formal occasions, it’s best to wear a panelled bodycon dress or one with a ribbed fabric to give your dress more architecture eliminating VPL and any other revealing lines! Again, teaming it with a light and flowing outer garment will ensure that you carry off the look.

Choose dark colours

For those that may feel a little shy about wearing a bodycon dress and showing off their shape, it’s always best to opt for darker colour dresses. Black, navy, brown and deep purple are all good choices.

Accessorise wisely

What you choose to wear with a bodycon dress is almost as important as the actual dress itself! You need to find the right balance between showing off your hot body and keeping things classy while doing it. Pairing your bodycon dress with a boyfriend blazer or jean jacket and a flat pair of shoes or boots will add a touch of sophistication to your outfit. Don’t be afraid to experiment when it comes to accessorising your outfit.

Your options are endless when it comes to buying a bodycon dress as there are so many different styles available, some of which are suitable for both night-time and day time wear. Don’t’ let the prospect of wearing a tight, figure-hugging dress terrify you as they are a great way for you to showcase your best bits while hiding your ‘less loved’ bits.

Carlo Cretaro is a dedicated fashion blogger and social media expert writing on behalf of Chic Boutique Fashion - one of Ireland's leading online fashion retailers.