Kim Kardashian may be rich and famous but she certainly doesn't fit in at fancy events, according to some reports of some people who think she looks like she doesn't belong. Katy Perry is one of those people:

"Katy Perry looked mortified when she ran into Kim at Givenchy and people wanted to take pictures of them together," our insider exclusively revealed. "Kim was in one of her boob exposing outfits and you could tell Katy wanted to get away. Katy has worn revealing outfits in the past but even she thinks that Kim is not dressing appropriately for Paris Fashion Week."

That's not all! Our source dished that Katy is not the only star who doesn't like her style. "She's not alone either, celebs like Salma Hayek, Kristen Stewart and others thought Kim looked totally out-of-place at the sophisticated shows." [Hollywood Life]

It also looks like she's stopped smiling these days.