Purchasing home appliances is a serious investment, so if you’re in the market for any kitchen or laundry appliances, you will certainly want to take advantage of some of these money-saving tips from Nordam Appliance that can help you find that cheap fridge or washer.

You Don’t Need Seasonal Sales
Waiting until your fridge or oven breaks down before you start looking for a replacement can be very inconvenient. But you also don’t have to wait for those Black Friday sales to find cheap washers and dryers. Look for advertisements online or in the papers and you will always find home appliances on sale.

Get Emailed Quotes
It’s worth going to the store to see appliances up close before you buy, but when it comes to getting quotes for cheap refrigerators, it’s best to get them emailed to you. This allows you to save time and avoid those face-to-face sales tactics used in the stores.

No Need to Haggle: There’s a Better Way
While haggling over price has its place, it may not give you the best deal. Instead, email the store saying you are contacting several shops and you are giving them one chance to give you their best price. You can avoid the frustration and time it takes to haggle for a cheap microwave.

Use Digital Coupon When You Order New Appliances Online

Take Appliances Connection for example. You can easily find deals when ordering kitchen appliances online. Whether daily promotion or the biggest shopping festival of the year- Black Friday, the sellers usually display a variety of coupons on their official website and social platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok. Consumers only need to enter the coupon code at the checkout to save money. Moreover, some storewide coupons allow you to choose products freely. In addition to official websites, some well-known coupon websites can help us collect coupons more efficiently. For example, CouponBirds can select the best offer for users. At the same time, it can also ensure the high efficiency of coupon code, which means that the coupon code you find can be used immediately instead of being reminded that it is invalid.

Extended Warranties Are Out
Extended warranties can make the bill add up. They are designed to be profitable for the store, so your great deal on cheap portable air conditioners will not be so great after all.

Bundle and Save
If you can, put together a list of appliances you need rather than just one. You’ll be able to match them in a kitchen and you can also pick up cheap washer and dryer sets.

Hire Your Own Appliance Installer
Keep the prices of those cheap dishwashers down by hiring an installer yourself. Stores often charge a hefty price for installation, but you can find a licensed professional for much less.