Do you also want an immaculately architected and naturally finished Garden Room that is accessible even in the colder months of the year? A beautiful haven with plenty of uses and zero limitations with respect to style and décor; it could be a garden office room, a quiet retreat or even a gym.

Your garden room would have premium insulated walls and roof, with double-glazed windows and highest grade doors. These rooms are meticulously designed by company experts to ease the daily distractions and stresses of life for you. These Garden Rooms can be built and used for many different uses at home, such as a play area for kids, art studio or home gym, the list is literally endless.

Benefits of a Garden Room: 

A Garden Room has a lot of benefits, some of them include:
1. Garden rooms are a budget-friendly alternative to traditional home expansions or extensions. They have a lower per square meter fee and exclusive of any hidden costs.
2. A garden room requires less time to be installed than its alternatives and has a vast range of possible purposes.
3. A garden room can be used all year long. Fine insulation controls external elements to create a friendly environment that is neither too hot nor cold nor too dry or humid. Premium grade insulation is used allowing a directional flow of air and moisture.
4. It can be turned into a multi-purpose room with the use of the right technique, open-plan furnishing or a wall partition option.
5. If used for home offices, a garden room can be a great choice as it is secluded from the house and provides a sense of privacy so that one can peacefully focus on their work.

Right Thickness for Garden Room: 
The right thickness of a garden room depends upon three main factors, which are: 
1. The client’s budget, 
2. Space available and 
3. The purpose of the cabin. 
The most frequently requested garden room thicknesses are:
1. 40 mm
2. 44 mm
3. 59 mm
4. 70 mm

If the cabin is being made for summer use only, 40 mm is the best thickness, but for all year round use thicker walls are required to accommodate heating and insulating equipment. The good news is that the entire procedure is cost-effective and money worthy.

Bespoke Garden Room: 
Most sellers provide a long list of garden rooms to choose from, the products are of standard quality and all kinds of changes or readjustments can be made to fit the buyer’s choice. The company can also design a garden room for its clients on request according to their wishes, changing the dynamics to create an ideal product. It must be noted, that, bespoke garden rooms are 10-20% more expensive than standard ones.

Proper Care: 
1. Your garden must be built on a strong base and the foundation planks must be raised by placing bitumen sheets between the base planks and the base. This will ensure proper ventilation.
2. An upper and lower hole shall be drilled and covered with a metal grate to prevent humidity.
3. The roof must be covered with the provided roofing felt or shingles to protect it.
4. The wood must be painted or covered with wood preservative to protect it from environmental damage.

Garden rooms are a great way to improve your surroundings and if taken care of they can last for a long time. Garden rooms are multi-purpose, easy to install and budget-friendly.