Most homeowners don’t consider the effect of the gutters on the base of their roof as well as the whole infrastructure. In the case of obstructed gutters due to leaves or rubbish, the severe damage to your home can be stemmed in the future. You must have complete knowledge about how to keep your gutters clean and prevent the leaves to be trapped in there. Following ways can be applied to prevent the leaves from obstructing your gutters.

Systematic Care

If you routinely put some effort to clean your gutters from leaves or debris then your gutters will remain working normally. If there is any water seepage issue, you can have experts from   for the identification of any problem related to the gutters and the repair or replacement accordingly.

Properly trimmed trees

If you have trees nearby your home then trimming them on regular basis is mandatory to make sure that they will not hover over your gutters. Eventually, there is a massive decrease in the number of fallen leaves and the cleanliness will become easier. 

Gutter shades

The additional shades over the gutters will prevent the leaves from falling and entrapping into the gutters so they will not be blocked. While buying the shades for your gutters, make sure that the material of the shades must be up to the mark according to your roofing material.

Surface-tension protector

The surface tension protector is usually used to cover the gutter and allows only water to pass through the nose, while the leaves will not enter it and then fall. The proper placement of such guards is necessary to ensure proper protection.

Leaf catcher

The design and style of the leaf catcher are quite different from the other protectors. The theory behind the working of the leaf catcher is that all the rubbish and leaves are funneled down the pipe that is designed to be collected at the bottom of the pipe near the ground’s surface. The installation of the leaf catcher is quite simple and thus it’s a better solution than any other protectors. If you install the leaf catcher at your roof’s gutter then you no need to climb up the roof through a ladder to clean the gutters.

Cleaning of the gutters

The main work to do by gutters is to run the rainwater away from the base of your home. The periodic cleaning of the gutters is necessary to keep them working correctly to ensure the smooth flow of water down the ground instead of leaking into the foundation of your home. Generally, you should clean your gutters at least thrice within a year. But this depends upon the number of trees around your premises, the location of your home as well as the amount of rainfall you are likely to receive annually. The simple rule is, whenever the gutters are full of leaves and debris it means they need to be clean immediately.

Following steps must be taken while doing the manual cleaning of your gutters: 

It is important to use a ladder stabilizer to avoid any damage to your home and gutters.
For your self-protection, wear full sleeves shirt and rubber gloves to avoid direct contact with any harmful object that may be trapped in the gutter.
The gutter scoop is the best option to be used while cleaning the gutter from rubbish. 
After complete removal of the larger objects from your gutters, use a water hose to clear out any remaining filth or debris from the gutter. This will help you to identify any spot of leakage and if the repair of the gutter is needed.