Nowadays, customized furniture has become the most used furniture in almost every hotel, corporate buildings, business firms, companies, conference halls, and even homes. The usage of these customized furniture had recently begun and in such a short span of time, it has gained huge popularity among the people who want to make their place attractive. 

Customized Furniture is mainly used by hoteliers for their hotel chains because hoteliers want to keep their customers attracted towards their hotels and one such way to attract people is by placing customized and attractive furniture. 

In India, there are a lot of manufacturers of customized furniture especially in Delhi, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, etc., to name a few. However, one of the most preferred brands in the segment, FurnitureRoots has become the hot favourite of hoteliers nowadays.

About the manufacturer

FurnitureRoots is India’s one of the biggest manufacturers of customized furniture. It is also an exporter of customized furniture too. They manufacture and export all types of furniture to Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Bars, Offices. They are also the leading manufacturing partner for architects and interior designers in India as well as around the world.  

Why FurnitureRoots? – 5 reasons to prefer customized furniture

1. Blends into the theme

All hotels follow a theme. Whether it is following a vintage theme, or a simple resort, every theme needs a specific type of furniture. If your hotel displays a specific colour, then your furniture must also compliment that specific colour. Readymade furniture can not really blend into a specific theme. To impress your guests, you need to have customized furniture that will go along with the theme of the hotel.

Having the right hotel furniture can give you a sense of calmness. Your hotel will look more appealing and welcoming simply because the theme you’re creating aesthetically blends well with each other. 

2. Customized Furniture for different sections of a hotel

Hotels have numerous number of departments. Front office, kitchen, room service, storage rooms, administration room etc. Every department needs furniture that will assist in the smooth functioning of their operations. For example, an administration room requires furniture which has plenty of storage space to store all the files and data. This is the reason why opting for customized furniture for every department will not only make the hotel look grand, but will also assist in the smooth functioning of the operations.

3. Perfect Fit for every space

Readymade furniture is made without considering the perimeter of the place where the furniture is to be placed. Customized furniture is made to fit in that particular spot.

One good thing about custom furniture is the fact that it can come up with a great design that can perfectly fit your hotel. If you want to add a modern look to your home, then it can be made very easily. If you wish to go for classics, then you can also design a classic-looking one that fits seamlessly within your perimeter. Because the size is made to fit each specific of your hotel space, you can also avoid your hotel looking too crowded and cluttered.

For example, if the reception is small in size, there is no point in keeping a large-sized sofa. For such a place, you need to have a compact sofa to complement its surroundings. 

4. Perfect choice of an interior designer

Interior Designers take up the responsibility for designing the entire hotel. From the hotel rooms to reception area, everything must be designed by them. And in order to design and decorate the hotel properly, customized furniture is the best option.

5. Customized pricing and materials

Readymade furniture comes at a fixed price. Most of the times, these furniture contain a lot of features which is not required at all. When you customize the furniture, you can create it with only a few features which are required. Also, many a time, furniture belonging to different categories require different materials. 

Whether you’re putting up a new hotel or you’re renovating your existing one, it would be a good idea to get the furniture that you can afford, without sacrificing the looks and the quality. Even if you’re on a tight budget, custom furniture would still make your hotel look attractive and tidy. You may even be able to come up with designs that look just as expensive as ready-made options are but cost a fraction of the price than it normally would.

Choosing custom furniture that you can afford, while spending less, is great for hotels, especially when you’re factoring in your return on investment. Remember that this is also a business where one day, you’ll have to finish paying off your capital, then start earning a profit.

For example, furniture in the storage rooms need to be made from steel or iron for durability purpose. On the other hand, furniture for reception needs to be made from wood to give that imperial look. This reduction and addition of features and materials also affect the pricing.

Does Furniture really impress your guest?

One of FurnitureRoots’ biggest plus points is the Hotel Furniture which they manufacture and export all over India and as well as the globe. 

Customized furniture being the talk of the town, Hoteliers prefer it for their hotel chains. They think that by adding customized furniture, their hotel can stand a class apart when competing with other hotel chains and also impress their guests. And hence hoteliers understand the need for customized furniture in their hotel chains. And as evident as it may be, FurnitureRoots is one of India’s top manufacturer and exporter in this.

Some of the customized furniture that is available for hotels are categorized according to the different sections that are inside the hotel. 

Some of them are as follows

Reception Area
Dining/Bar Area
Outdoor Area
Banquet Area
Admin Area
Pantry Area
Hotel Lightings

Reception Area: 

The first place that you would see as soon as you enter any hotel is the reception area. As the quote goes “The first impression is the best impression”, the reception area acts as the first impression factor. Hoteliers must keep the reception area as decorative as possible and maintain it properly. For example, if your hotel has a vintage theme, then you can opt for FurnitureRoots’ Old Age Reclaimed Study Table. Or, if your hotel has a rural theme, then you can opt for FurnitureRoots’ Automobile Tractor Design Console Table.


The next impression factor any hotel needs is their bedrooms. The main objective of any hotel is to make their customers feel like they are a home away from home with a luxurious experience. And the bedroom is the key to make the customers happy. Hoteliers must build proper bedrooms for their customers so that they can enjoy their stay in their hotel. Some of the customized furniture from FurnitureRoots that can be added are Bedside Tables, Wardrobes, Study Desk along with chairs,  Dressing tables, and most importantly, hotel beds.

If your hotel reflects a vintage theme, then you can opt for FurnitureRoots Antique Reproduction Hotel Room Bed or Distress Reclaimed Wood Hotel Room Bed.

Dining/Bar Area: 

To keep this area decorated, FurnitureRoots offers customized furniture like Dining Chairs, Dining Tables, Bar Stools, Bar Tables, Benches, Sofas, and Armchairs to ensure that their customers have an amazing dining experience.

Outdoor Area: 

The outdoor area of any hotel is also a factor for impressing the customers. Hence, hoteliers should focus on decorating their outdoor area as well. The hoteliers can opt for FurnitureRoots’ customized Chairs and Benches to transform the outdoor area and make it look more attractive.

Theme Based Hotels

Nowadays, theme-based hotels have gained more popularity and hoteliers would automatically want their hotels to be theme-based. One of the most beautiful themes is the Vintage Theme. FurnitureRoots also offers theme-based furniture accordingly. The vintage furniture by Furniture Roots is the trademark themed furniture offered by FurnitureRoots. Most hoteliers prefer the vintage theme due to its beauty and eye-catching furniture designs.


Furniture from FurnitureRoots can be customized on every parameter like design, shapes, materials, colors, etc. Such a high level of customizability enables the hoteliers or their designers to bring out the best of their creativity and achieve a harmonized look & feel across the hotel. When it comes to choosing the right furniture for your hotel, custom furniture would indeed top the list of best options to go for. If you want to have a different look to the furniture in your hotel, then having custom furniture can be a great idea. Beyond just the aesthetics, this kind of furniture may also last for many years, which is perfect for the hotel set-up since quality is always the concern.