Waterfalls and fountains have become increasingly popular home and business decor in the last decade. The reason for this is easy to understand once you have experienced the peaceful, harmonious feeling a water feature can add to a space.

Water features imbue an air of tranquility to any domestic or commercial property. The calming sound of water has been the cornerstone of domestic and commercial environments in many cultures. Not only do water features provide a beneficial ambiance of peace, but they also can also help lower room temperatures in the summer and can help keep dry air humid in the winter. A custom-made and designed water fountains for indoors are the beautiful way of making your building unique with an air of wellness.

Pondless Waterfalls

A popular project for the homes or businesses is the pondless waterfall. These beautiful installations allow the water to cascade gently through rocks and recirculate into a stream, or back to the top of the crest. You get all the sensory benefits of running water without the added maintenance of having an actual pond. The stand-out feature of this design is that there is no collected water area that could possibly endanger people or pets.

Rock Column Fountains

Another ideal installation choice is the rock column fountain. The sight, sound, and touch of these water and stone masterpieces are harmonious and attractive with a Zen-like beauty. They are also a good selection for any environment that needs a water feature with low-maintenance requirements. The water bubbles through the rock columns in a mesmerizing fashion without forming a pool. This negates the necessity for pond upkeep and keeps the space safe from accidents.

Retaining Wall Waterfalls

Retaining wall waterfalls have become increasingly popular in recent years. The reason for this is because of their simple construction, minimal upkeep, and small amounts of electricity usage. The aesthetic quality of a long, horizontal sheet of water pouring in a continuous stream for the delight of everyone who can see and hear it is very rewarding. It is also possible to build this particular water feature as a pondless retaining wall waterfall. The water is recirculated back to the water source once it has cascaded onto a bed of rocks.

Get Creative with an Indoor Water Feature

Indoor water features, ponds, and waterfalls can all be an affordable way to add an air of natural elegance, create a conversation piece, and even lower your summer air conditioning costs. The best part about indoor water features, though, is that they are relatively inexpensive to install and maintain if you have a firm understanding of their design. If you’re new to this type of home or business project, you might consider making use of Orange County waterfall construction services to ensure proper and efficient installation. No matter how you go about designing and installing your feature though—get creative—after all, there is no more fluid and adaptable medium that water.