Repurposing, reusing and getting creative with items around your home is the best way to add a touch of style and organisation to your home without breaking the bank. 

We’re often on the hunt for cheaper, prettier, and more personalised storage solutions that hide the ever-growing collection of clutter dispersed around our homes (Hoarders, you know what we’re talking about). So, finding clever ways to organise our paraphernalia - whilst conveniently adding unique decor that can’t be found in the local store - feels cool.

We’ve collated our favourite DIY organisation ideas to kick your home into shape and offer some creative, craft inspiration: 

1. Hang Baskets on the Wall

Short on space? Hanging baskets are the perfect storage solution to install on your wall. Try picking up a few chap wicker style baskets (for a rustic look) and fix them to your bathroom or lounge walls. They offer a great place to store towels, toiletries or magazines and letters - and save you splashing out on fancy cupboards or shelves. 

2. Magazine Rack for Kitchen Equipment  

A magazine rack turned cutting board storage compartment is a genius kitchen organiser. Pick up magazine racks in textures and colours that suit your interior for an easy and inexpensive storage solution. As an additional way to keep your countertops clear, you could attach the magazine rack inside of your cabinet door and your cutting board or kitchen utensils will stay perfectly in place.

3. Add A Hidden Charging Station

Create your very own hidden charging station in your kitchen or living room by attaching an extension cable strip to the back of a draw. You and your family can pop all their gadgets inside the draw as a way to keep your counter space clear and protect expensive phones or tablets from getting wet or damaged. 

4. Use tins as magnetic sleeves

Attach strong mini magnets on the inside of old tins and place them against your fridge. You can fill them with everyday essentials as an easy way to access important items on your fridge and add a rustic look to your kitchen. Viola! 

5. Store Items in Mason Jars

Try attaching mason jars to a wooden board make a cheap but chic farmhouse-style bathroom storage option. You keep your bathroom sides clean whilst adding a homely touch to your bathroom. Mason jars are ideal for holding toothbrushes, cotton wool pads or make-up brushes. Try it for yourself!