Shopping for a new sofa and matching armchairs is a fairly big event in most households. For most of us, it is a family decision and everyone has their own opinions on what shape they want and what material they would like it to be made from. The younger kids want something soft and bouncy so they can jump and have fun on it, and parents what something that is comfortable and is going to last. There are so many different types to choose from when you go shopping for a new sofa like low backs, high backs, fixed or loose cushions and leather or fabric. 

Each fabric has its benefits and it is hard to make a decision regarding the two. However, we must choose and so here are a few tips for choosing a fabric sofa or a leather sofa.

Great Comfort - Fabric sofas are really comfortable and there are so many different types of cloth to choose from, as well as many patterns. It should always be about comfort and so you need to look at the support your sofa will provide. The fabric is generally much softer than leather and is much kinder to bare skin, when you sit and get up again. In the event of a spillage, fabric sofas can be protected by a kind of scotch guard, which your sofa store in Belfast should be able to provide. In the warmer weather, leather sofas tend to get a little sticky but they are also firmer to sit on than fabric sofas.

Hypoallergenic – In today’s modern world, there seem to be lots more people with allergies. Leather sofas are a great choice if you have these kinds of issues. The dust mites, pet hair and other allergens have nowhere to settle on a leather couch, but fabric does allow them to seep in. It makes sense then that choosing a leather sofa is the healthier choice for you and your family members.

Choice – Leather does come in a number of colours, but overall you are quite restricted in what you can choose from. Fabric on the other hand, offers so many patterns and so many colours to choose from, that you are generally spoilt. If you are trying to match your sofa to the decoration of your living room, then chances are that a fabric sofa is going to be the one that you will choose. 

Budget – Generally speaking, leather sofas are more expensive that their fabric counterparts. With the right choice of a quality fabric for your sofa, it should last you a long time, but it needs to be pointed out, that a leather sofa is really easy to clean and all it needs is a rub down with a damp cloth. Fabric sofas need a full vacuum and need to be cleaned fairly regularly. Leather sofas are more modern and provide a certain sophistication to any home.

It is great that you have lots of choices when it comes to purchasing a new sofa. Hopefully the above benefits of each can help you make your mind up.