Summer is just around the corner. You’re probably already planning everything you need and want to do once the weather starts to get better. In addition to planning summer vacations and spring cleaning you probably have a lot of outdoor projects you are itching to get done.

There are lots of ways you can be eco-friendly while enjoying all the fun of summer or working on your next summer project.

Why not help improve the environment while enjoying your summer with these tips for going green and getting outdoors this summer.
1. When you’re not using your pool keep it covered up. This will help prevent your pool water from evaporating, which means less filling up this summer. This saves you money and helps the environment.

2. Instead of buying your produce from the supermarket where much of it is grown using un-ethical methods, and it may be covered in harsh chemicals, consider planting your own herb and vegetable garden. Or take a stroll through your local farmers market
where your money is not only being used to buy responsibly, but also to help your local economy.

3. If you do choose to start your own garden, consider building a compost bin. Composting is good because it keeps a lot of the trash that you would normally throw out from filling up a landfill. Composting is also great for the soil and will help make
sure you have rich healthy produce. You can find all sorts of guides to build a compost bin quickly and cheaply online.

4. If you are working on cleaning out all the old junk you don’t need or use, have a yard sale. Yard sales benefit everyone. You don’t have to throw a bunch of stuff out that will just fill up landfills and possibly pollute the earth. You can make a little bit of extra cash for summer fun. And your neighbors can get a great deal on something they need instead of buying from a big chain.

5. Whether you are working on your garden, landscaping, or out exploring the countryside you should always stay hydrated. Instead of buying one time use water bottles and throwing them away. Buy a re-usable water bottle that will help keep trash out of the landfills and save you money.
If you are really serious about going green and improving the impact that your yard and home projects have on the environment here is a bonus tip. This is a larger project that may cost a little more than the previous tips but isn’t too expensive and is well worth the investment.
6. Looking to build a fence to keep the neighbor’s dog out of your garden. Or maybe you just want to make sure your kids can have a safe place to play
You could go with traditional wood or plastic fences, but these products leave a lot to be desired in terms of sustainability and reliability. Or you could go with composite fencing.

Composite boards are made up of recycled plastic, rice husks, and sawdust. They look great, but are more durable than real wood. They will not crack or rot. And their color is infused throughout the material so you never have to worry about painting them.

Composite fencing keeps its recycled product from filling up the landfills and saves on cutting down more trees, meaning cleaner air.

If you are looking for a great product, that is affordable, build to last, and environmentally friendly, then you will definitely want to check out the eco-friendly composite fencing by Futurewood.