According to, the average thickness of human hair is 0.06 millimeters. These Japanese condoms are 0.01 millimeters thin. They are the thinnest in the world!

According to website ZakZak, Sagami Rubber Industries took ten years to take the condoms from conception to completion. Over 20,000 condoms were put through a battery of tests in a trial and error process.

They are the first condom manufacturer in Japan and the first in the world to create a color condom. They previously released a 0.02 millimeter condom in 2005. Now they are one-upping themselves.

Sagami launched the polyurethane contraceptives in Tokyo, with a box of five costing 1,260 yen (US$12). ZakZak reports that the rubbers have been incredibly popular, with some shops apparently selling out their stock.

"Honestly, I don't how we can make them thinner than this," a Sagami researcher told Tokyo Sports, "but as long as there is a need for thinner, we will continue researching 0.009 millimeter and 0.008 millimeter thinness."

Should it even be any thinner anymore? Makes one a tad bit scared with them being so thin.

ZakZak Photo: 木崎戦(きざき-いくさ)]