Notch, is a newcomer to the wearable tech market. Their concept is to provide sensors that attach to clothing around specific points of the body. Users can track movement and monitor that information via an iOS app.

Notch differs from other fitness wearable tech because it offers more precise tracking. It could help to perfect form and movement, and could also be used to study the way you sit at your desk and help you achieve better posture.

The device could also be useful to CGI animators, helping them create more realistic movement without the need of body suits. Notch will even be available as actual clothing items which will have the sensors already built in.

Aside from motion sensing, Notch also offers haptic feedback via tiny vibrations in the sensors themselves. A sensor might vibrate for example, to let you know you are slouching. You can even tell the app where you want the sensors and what you want to track.

Notch is on Kickstarter with a hefty goal of $100,000. Check out the video below and visit their Kickstarter page at the link: