Apple's new iPhone 5C comes in many colors. But we're of course wondering what's underneath it? Turns out, it's just a dressed up iPhone 5 in plastic.

The notable upgrade would be that it comes with a "slightly" better battery life. You'll find more of the same guts and it comes packing the Samsung made A6 chips that are identical to the iPhone 5 before it. Want the A7? You gotta buy the iPhone 5S, son.

While the camera is still at 8MP, you'll get some of iOS 7's new fancy camera software, and a new HD front side camera too.

The 5C also means the death of the 32 pin dock connector, since the 5C is also packing a lightning port.

But the question here is: why buy the 5C when you can just do these two things:

1. Buy a color case for the back.
2. Upgrade to iOS 7.


Image: Wired