Apple will be introducing two new iPhones tomorrow, and one will look like the current iPhone while the other will look a little different. We highly doubt it's going to have a change in size, but who knows, that kind of surprise would be much welcomed.

Of course, the highlight of the launch will really be iOS 7. The software launch will probably be the most important one they've had to date to get them back on track on the smartphone race against Android.

The iPhone 5S

The next iPhone would most likely be called the iPhone 5S, simply from looking at Apple's history of naming conventions. It'll look the same, but have different internals and a couple of tweaks here and there. It will definitely be faster.

Colors: And then there could be color. Rumors around the web have suggested that the 5S will come in two new colors - graphite (silver) and a gold-ish / champagne color.

Internals: rumor has it that a as yet unannounced A7 processor will be 31 percent faster than the previous generation. According to some leaked parts, the 5S may also have a dual-LED flash--though you shouldn't use flash very often.

Biometrics: Then there's the fingerprint scanner, with the leaked packaging showing a silver ring around the home button. But then again, all these leaks may not even be real.

iPhone 5C

How do you feel about a cheaper iPhone? Called 5C no less. It would be unusual for Apple but given the economics of the smartphone industry right now, having a cheaper alternative would probably serve them well. Just take Samsung for example. They've got every product for every market segment.

The rumored 5C may not have the same 5S internals, and rumors suggest that it's back will be plastic and much cheaper to produce.

iOS 7

We've been seeing screenshots of iOS 7 since it's first beta was announced back in June, and it looks effin beautiful. Its a huge change from the previous software giving it a completely different new look. With flat and bold and bright graphics, it's also going to work very differently.