Need some privacy from the paparazzi's lenses? Then here's one dress that might work for you. Designer Ying Gao, a professor at the Université du Québec à Montréal has created a pair of diaphanous dresses that protect its wearer from a camera's gaze.

One of the dresses changes its shape thanks to a motor mechanism resulting in pictures ending up blurry, and another has inbuilt lights causing overexposure when the camera's flash goes off. They have built in microprocessors, sensors, motors and lights hidden under the fabric. Gao tells Wired:
"When one attempts to capture an image of the dress, using a photo or video camera the garment transforms and fragments, it deconstructs and becomes soft and vague, unfocused.
Apropos for a time when we are becoming more concerned about privacy and surveillance, Gao’s dresses are not made for production but make a statement about the current socio-political climate."
Watch it here: